Letter: Republican selectmen candidates ask for your support

To the Editor:

Many voters are still reeling from the results of the 2016 Presidential election and won’t support any candidate whose party affiliation doesn’t align with their emotions. It’s important to vote for candidates that share your personal values.

Darien residents share common values — a safe and welcoming community, great schools, low taxes, well-managed public facilities, a vibrant business climate and compassion for our most vulnerable citizens.

The people you trust to be your local leaders will have a meaningful impact on those things that affect your family’s daily life.  You deserve leaders who think strategically, manage town resources with conservative fiscal discipline and can build positive professional relationships.  You also deserve leaders who are transparent and recognize that there are 21,000 residents who deserve to have a voice in Darien’s future.

Our team has the leadership experience you deserve.  Please vote for Stevenson, Marks and Koons on Nov. 7.

Jayme Stevenson – candidate for First Selectman

Susan Marks – candidate for Selectman

Kip Koons — candidate for Selectman