To the Editor:

Turning to Planned Parenthood for advice on sex is like asking Dr. Kevorkian if life is worth living when you’re sick

PP has gone on record as stating sexual pleasure is a “right” for everyone—even those under eighteen.  Far from being “educators”, the PP people would be better called enablers.  They  censor abstinence programs and want to cut out any parental involvement in interfacing with its clients—your children.

• Depot faces backlash over Plan B program

PP ‘s cash cow is abortion.   In fact, abortion is far more than the claimed 3% of their total services.  How could then PP account for more than 30% of all abortions in the US?  Answer:  by counting all interactions supporting an abortion as equal in weight to the abortion itself.  Those other “medical services” they provide like mammograms?  That was just a lie that finally came to rest when its president had to admit under oath none of its facilities even have x-ray machines.

 Letter: Depot youth center program director apologizes for choice of program partner

As we’ve seen, it doesn’t end with abortion itself.  Fetal parts are sold to the highest bidder (watch youtube.)*  The full tapes were released showing no editing except for bathroom/meal breaks.  An expert ruled as such, contradicting PP’s claims.

*Editor's note: Planned Parenthood has refuted these claims in an official statement posted here. 

It is a sad thing to see what the mindset purveyed by this organization has done to society.  The #metoo thing shows what happens when the sexual appetite is unleashed almost since childhood.  We are barely functioning as a society with its corruption — of which this is a large component.

I would like to remind everyone that  Plan B works by making the uterine environment hostile to the newly formed zygote:  in other words, by abortion.  So, unless you change the definition of when life begins, that is just what takes place.  It is not birth control.

Parents, step up to the plate.

Chet Saur