To The Editor:

Our families want to express our sadness in the closing of Pear Tree Point School but also and perhaps more importantly, we want to express our appreciation to the teachers, staff and Headmaster David Trigaux for their amazing dedication to our students.

Pear Tree Point School was a gem in Darien. Students were exposed to a wonderfully rich Core Knowledge Curriculum which provided a foundation for success in middle school and beyond. It was a joy as parents to have our children come home from school excited about what they were learning. From life cycles, to reading Tory Hole (through which becoming familiar with local Darien history), to the Roman Civilization Unit and the fabulous Roman Feast, to the in depth study of the Civil War  - the educational exposure was broad and vibrant with particular strengths in math and reading.

The gold standard in education is fostering a love of learning and Pear Tree Point School did that with each and every student. Finally, we will miss the phenomenal leadership of David Trigaux whose kindness and wise counsel helped countless families successfully navigate the important elementary school years.

The Archie Family

Bridget and Thomas Barket & Family

Chris and Christine Barkley

The Barnard Family

John and Michele Barrett

The Beck Family

The Benson Family

Page and Stephen Berger

Lisa and Barry Blake & Family

The Bowman Family

Lisa and Darius Brawn & Family

Marty and Johanna Brennan & Family

Seth and Sarah Brody

Katie and David Burke

Beth and Lawton Camp & Family

Robyn and Charlie Carpenter

Ana Goizueta and Peter Clark & Family

Beth and Paul Colonna & Family

Nancy and David Dove

Alex Swenson Duffy

Mardi and David Durkin & Family

Jim and Janeen Eckert & Family

Ellie and Mark Edwards

Sean and Sharon Epps

Clay and Kristy Erwin

Tom and Lu Feng

Tristan and Adriana Fields

Christine and Colin Foster

Stephanie and Brian Foster & Family

The Fullington Family

Denitza Krasteva and Chris Gale

Guillermo and Tressan Garcia

Joanna and Greg Garrett

The Gehring Family

Meredith and Whitney George & Family

Carol and Ward Glassmeyer & Family

Rob and Samantha Hammer & Family

The Hecker Family

James and Schuyler Heuer

The Jaroch Family

David and Robyn Jones

The Kinsley Family

Ellen and Richard Knight & Family

The Kuryla Family

Tara and Rob Levinson

Michele and Michael Litt & Family

Billy and Laura Logan

Paget and Campbell MacColl

Roy and Susan Mackenzie

Felice and Todd Marcy

The Markham Family

Gregory and Aria Martin

The Maruszewski Family

Jackie and Brandt McKee & Family

The Mettler Family

The Messina Family

Jean and James Michaelson

Earl and Iris Mix

Robin and Jim Murphy & Family

Sophie and Tom Murphy & Family

The Murray Family

The Nagler Family

Robin and John Nelson

Wendy Nixon & Family

The Osborn Family

The Ramsay Family

Beatrice and Ed Repking & Family

The Rooney Family

Amy and Joe Sarbinowski

Meghan and Kevin Scalan

Amanda and Spencer Segura

Ian and Shelby Smith

The Steele Family

Newellyn and Ridelle Stephenson

Greg and Tere Stevens

Simeon and Jacqueline Stevens

The Stewart Family

Steven and Victoria Trepp

Funkazi and Abi Tobin

Katherine and Nicholas Type

Carlyle and David Upson

The Van Den Broek Family

The Warnock Family

Charlotta and Michael West

Caitlin and Morgan Whitacre

The Wolf Family

Jun and Rick Young