The following letter was  written in response to a letter sent to The Darien Times from Mary Flynn, chairman of the Parks & Rec Commission, and Pam Gery, director of the Parks & Rec Department (link below). 

To the Editor:

 Thank you Mary Flynn and Pam Gery for reviewing our presentation submitted to the Parks and Recreation Representative Town Meeting Committee on March 14.  Per your feedback, we have amended language in the presentation to reflect the distinction between "open space" and "passive recreation". Since "more athletic fields" ranked relatively low in the survey compared to things such as preserving open space, trails, and the creation of parks, we identified such remaining uses as passive recreational activities. 
In other words, if open space can be used for both passive and active recreation, and active recreation ranked lower, we “did the math” on the basis of the survey results, and the remaining factor is passive recreation. "Passive recreation" does not mean "do nothing."

It can include an appropriate level of activity for things such as walking trails, running, pick-up games, disc golf, a Turkey Trot, a car show or other community events, on-leash dog walking, and ultimate frisbee, to name a few, and we strive to provide you with constructive input and feedback so that you can bring a new vision for the Ox Ridge field to life.  We commend you and your commission for creating the Master Parks Plan and appreciate your tremendous effort to engage the entire Darien community to solicit feedback. The 2,506 survey respondents speaks for itself and is testimony to your efforts.  We look forward to working together.  For those interested in viewing the presentation, please visit

 Jenny and Kevin Schwartz