To the Editor:

Bravo Middlesex Middle School cast and crew of the Mary Poppins Jr production!  We were dazzled by the amazing talents of these middle school age students.

The performance required dancing , singing and speaking with a British accent — no small order. Well done! Clearly the excellence came from diligent hard work in practice and rehearsals.

Credit is also most definitely due to the dedicated production team. From the Playbill to the splendid costumes and sets, one would have thought that we were at a Broadway performance.

The Mary Poppins production was a great choice, a reminder of the value of family, of kindness, the magic of wonder and to quote the Director Katie Candela — “to see the beauty in every situation.”

Kudos to the parents who nurture the abilities and talents of these children.

Applause, applause!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Thank you for a most enjoyable show and we look forward to next year’s show.

Gloria and Francis Moss