To the Editor:

Darien is not recycling enough and that must stop.

Do you think Darien recycles enough? Well I don't, so I am here to stop that.

We must stop that because our streets would be so dirty. One time at the train station, some left a bag that should have been recycled. That can get on the train and make it dirty. That is not fair to the people who do that right thing and recycle or at least throw it out.

If we recycle good things happen. For example, in Sweden bikes get repaired for less money because they recycle and reuse. That could happen to us and that would be pretty nice.

My third and final reason is if we recycle more our town would be so much cooler. For example we could have a plastic statue because when you recycle plastic it gets melted and made into new plastic which can make a statue. I think that would be pretty cool and Darien would be so much cooler than now.

Now that you have read my speech, I hope that you and your readers are convinced to recycle.

Jack Nolan

Third grader student

Mrs. Pasiakos, Holmes School