To the Editor:

In my capacity as Director of Darien EMS I worked closely with Jayme Stevenson since her first days in office. Jayme always put the care and safety of Darien residents first, and the decision to move a Stamford EMS station to town was a direct result of my work with her. She devoted her time and resources and no individual on the Board of Selectmen invested more or took credit less than she.  Additionally, and as a result of work with her and with SEMS, we emerged with a model that placed no additional financial burden on the town.

I support Jayme for re-election for many reasons, including experience, thoughtfulness, compassion and respect for process in working towards consensus to get things done. If, however,  any resident wants to vote based simply on one’s work related to paramedics in town, she deserves the credit for that one. No one else.

Ron Hammer

The writer served as Post 53 director from 2010-16