To the Editor:

Next month will mark my 83rd year as a resident of Darien. I have raised two children here and have had the pleasure of watching them raise their children here as well. I am always amazed and proud of the children from our town who become citizens of the world, making it a better place in their own unique and powerful ways. I'm especially pleased when they remember their roots and acknowledge that it indeed was a village that raised them. There have been some brave, articulate contributions to the paper from our young people in the past couple of years, tackling topics like growing up gay in Darien and struggling with loss and depression while walking the gleaming halls of Darien High School.

The most recent act of courage being Ms. Claire Borecki's letter in support of the Depot and of Janice Marzano.

• Letter: Plan B — An apology to Janice Marzano, and the eighth graders in her letter

Unlike those who would prefer to blame others or bury their heads in the sand, Ms. Borecki has taken it upon herself to speak to the realities that she faced and that our children and grand children face whether the adults and institutions in their lives will or not. Kids are curious and careless. They need support, not judgement. Education and open dialogue is the only way we progress as human beings. Thank you to Ms. Borecki and Ms. Marzano for supporting each other and the youth of our community.

Martin Flaherty

Mansfield Avenue