First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, State Rep. Terrie Wood and Board of Finance Chairman Jon Zagrodzky were copied on the below letter.

To the Editor:

The following statement was released by State Senator Bob Duff’s office on Friday, Aug. 18;

“The Governor’s announcement today that Norwalk will receive its full education aid payment is welcome news and will secure our investments in our students, and provide a level of budget clarity and certainty prior to the start of the school year.”

What Senator Duff failed to mention was that while Norwalk’s Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant (not the Special Education Excess Cost Reimbursement (ECR) grant) would remain at $11,243,340 in the current fiscal year, Darien’s ECS grant would be cut from $406,683 to $0.  This inane statement is incomprehensible coming from the State Senate majority leader and a person who not only represents all of Norwalk, but half of Darien.  I guess since Bob is a fifth generation resident of Norwalk, we know where his true allegiance lies.

As a post-script, the cities of Bridgeport ($181,105,390), Hartford ($200,518,244), New Haven ($154,301,977), and Waterbury ($133,606,066) also maintained their ECS funding levels.  Two-thirds of a billion dollars are earmarked for these four cities.  Darien has nothing.  Thanks for nothing, Bob.

Paul Hendrickson

The writer is a former selectman for the town of Darien.