Letter: Dems have a vision for Darien

To the Editor:

The Darien Moving Forward team can provide thoughtful guidance as we navigate through the difficult issues and complicated choices facing Darien. As a selectman, Rob Richards has operated with a sense of accountability and transparency — his preferred style is to get involved in tough issues by listening to citizens’ concerns. With major developments underway which will change the landscape of Darien, and with uncertainty over help from Hartford, we need a First Selectman who will hear the voices of Darienites concerned about those projects’ impacts on our town.

Marc Thorne has been involved in local government for thirty plus years. He is forward thinking, honest, and a true pillar of the community. Pam Sparkman is no less accomplished, with several degrees in education and a seat on the education committee of the RTM. Please join me in supporting Richards, Thorne, and Sparkman for the Board of Selectmen.

Caroline Luz

23 Fairview Avenue