To the Editor:

To the teachers of Darien: SOS — please help us Save Our Society. As the beginning of the school year approaches, never has your influence over our children been more important than it is today, particularly in the study of civics. As young adults we all learned that politics is a tough business at best, and that leadership and governance requires intellectual curiosity, constant dialogue, occasional battle, and frequent compromise. Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Obama, and the whole lot of American Presidents have been imperfect men, but they were all men of considerable fundamental decency, optimism, and a wish that their influence over our nation would leave a lasting positive influence on American history.  

It is a terribly sad state of affairs in the Oval Office today. The current President lacks nearly all important aspects of fundamental human decency, and he surrounds himself with sycophants and lickspittles. The kids in our community will not be blamed for coming to believe that Donald Trump’s comfort with telling bald-faced lies, and his easiness with forced physical and verbal attacks on women is normal behavior for a man, and for an American President. It is not.

Darien teachers, please take the time you have with our children to tell them about Thomas Jefferson (warts and all) and to describe Ronald Reagan’s vision of America as a shining city on a hill. As adults, many of us have concluded that those who aspire to be President of the United States may have a screw loose somewhere, but as children we learned that hard work, honesty and decency are all requisite attributes for the leaders of America.  So, a long way of asking you all — please make some small adjustments to your curriculums and lesson plans to share your insights on the history of American leadership and the decency that has historically been found in the imperfect men and women who have been our entrusted representatives.

As an important player on the world stage, the USA will be ok in the long run (if a bit diminished), as our global friends and adversaries recognize that this presidency is nothing more than a very odd, and surely a short chapter in the American experiment set in motion by the Founding Fathers. Nonetheless it will be a shame to have any of our kids come to believe that Donald Trump’s stewardship of the presidency is ok. It is not.

Robert Weaver