To the Editor:

With so much partisanship in local and state levels of government, Darien needs a new voice to lead us through these difficult times.  Rob Richards is that voice.

Instead of giving interviews complaining about Hartford, Rob partners with Darien’s state-level representation to take effective action.  Darien will greatly benefit from Rob’s hands on approach to governing.

Rob reaches out in a non-partisan, good faith approach to those who need help with any issue in town. Whether it’s paramedics or traffic issues, Rob forms his opinions by listening to concerned citizens.

With so much change expected to impact our town – including commercial developments, further affordable housing issues, and budget woes in Hartford – Darien needs a leader who is willing to work with anyone, on any issue.

Darien needs a leader who is thoughtful and accountable and focuses on constructive solutions.  Please join me in supporting Rob Richards for First Selectman.

Frank Adelman


The writer is a member of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee