To the Editor:

I’ve followed with interest the developing discussion regarding The Depot Youth Center’s program director, Janice Marzano's plan to bring broad and measured information on a wide range of sensitive issues facing the youth of Darien including crucial guidance on juvenile sexual behavior. A key part of that program was to invite Planned Parenthood representatives to participate.

Well, seeing the obsessive backlash to the proposed program, clearly there are some among us who are unable to see beyond their own idealogical mindset to understand the great need for such guidance initiatives.

• Depot faces backlash over Plan B program

Of course they would hide behind “Anonymous.”

I applaud Ms Marzano’s years of dedicated service to The Depot and Darien and her courage in facing this disgusting onslaught of ignorance. And I applaud The Darien Times for their first rate journalism and editorial stand.

• Letter: Planned Parenthood isn’t an educator, it’s an enabler

In 1956 as a senior at Darien High School a friend's girlfriend became pregnant. For many reasons they just could not see having a child at their ages. After several days of frantic search we got the name of a doctor in Port Chester who would provide an abortion. Among classmates we raised the $500 needed. A back alley, knock on the door, they're inside, 20 minutes they’re out, she bleeding. They went to a local hospital where some kind persons kept her safe.

Who would like to take us back there?

Hank Morgan