To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that the legislature hasn’t voted on a budget. It is the joint responsibility of both parties to address the challenges that Connecticut faces in the 21st century. All legislators need to demonstrate leadership, make the tough choices, and then come to a compromise.

We often hear about the need to make Connecticut a better place to do business. I agree — I'm sure everyone reading this agrees. But I want to be very clear: Making Connecticut a better place to do business does not mean pushing a GOP agenda.

Connecticut Democrats have supported initiatives that have demonstrated a positive record of success.

Making Connecticut a better place to do business means supporting increases in the minimum wage and earned sick time. It means keeping health coverage for middle class families and not supporting legislation that makes massive cuts to Medicaid that will ravage the poor and middle class. It does not mean supporting health care legislation that is a tax cut for the wealthy. It means enhancing basic environmental protections and supporting the historic Paris Climate Accord. It does not mean slowly stripping away the right to collectively bargain, or making Connecticut a ‘right to work’ state. It means making aggressive investments in education and transportation. It does not mean neglecting the need to pass commonsense gun safety laws. It does not mean scapegoating immigrants or refugees. It means expanding the access to vote not suppressing it. And it doesn’t mean denying women access to much-needed reproductive health services, or denying equal rights to LGBTQ people.

Being good for business starts with treating working people with dignity and fairness.  And it starts with investing in vibrant communities where people and businesses want to be.  It means standing up and supporting the under-served and the underprivileged. It means real criminal justice reform to make sure formerly incarcerated people can find the dignity of a job. It means making sure that everyone in our state has access to quality, affordable health care as well as safe affordable housing options for all. And it means opening our arms to immigrants and refugees and recognizing that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

That’s who we are as Connecticut Democrats, and it’s what we will fight for every day.  Our Connecticut Republican friends are great at diagnosing problems. They take every opportunity to try to convince people in their tweets that Connecticut is a terrible place to live.  Yet they have offered very little in the way of solutions except for budget proposals that don't add up.

Connecticut Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict. Unity is better than division. Empowerment is better than resentment. And of course bridges are better than walls.

Randy Klein


The writer is the former chairman of the Darien Democratic Town Committee and current DTC  member.