To The Editor:

Just to set the record straight on TV79’s role in covering the RTM Education Committee’s Sept. 18 meeting…

The Committee was informed via a written note pasted to their conference room table that their meeting was being taped for broadcast on TV79.  When our live coverage of the Board of Selectmen ended at about 8:25 pm, we switched live to the RTM Education Committee’s meeting already in progress.

Watching that live coverage at home I became concerned with what I was hearing and called our camera operator, instructing her to go to room 213 and slip them a note reminding them they were on TV79.

As your story noted (and can be heard at 47 minutes into the meeting), Mr Hardison read the note aloud:  “Reminding you… on air live” and then said “We knew that”.

It is clearly disingenuous of RTM Committee members to suggest they didn’t know their meeting was being taped (or live).  We always remind anyone we are covering that our cameras are on.  And we always try to cover that and other RTM Committees’ meetings.

We apologize that the failure of a line amp caused us to lose the video portion of our recording, leaving us only the audio of that meeting to post on our Vimeo channel.  To date that program has been accessed almost 150 times.

Jim Cameron

Program Director

Darien TV79