Letter: A tribute to dad and the town he loved so well

To the Editor:

My Dad, Kevin Cassidy, passed from his 24 years in Darien on May 10, 2017.

Not everyone gets to live in and love the place they call home, but Dad was fortunate and did.

This past year when Dad became ill, our incredible community of Darien reached out to our family in abundance.  Phone calls, cards, meals, rides, and lifelong friendships poured into our home, filling us with constant comfort and love.

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Together with my brothers, sister and mother, I’d like thank you, Darien, for the great spirit in which you came to all of us and honored Dad.

Not just friends, but family — some from as far back as 24 years — were with us and were with Dad, too.

How glad our dad must be to know that Darien, the town he loved so well, loved him right back.

Kevin Cassidy Jr.