To the Editor:

Do you recycle correctly? Because if you don’t you don’t you need to. I see garbage everywhere. For example, i see it on the road when I am in the car. I see it on the sidewalk when i walk to school. I see it on the ground right next to the garbage bin.

One time I was at the store with my dad and I saw someone older than me try to throw garbage in the garbage bin about ten feet away from the garbage bin. He missed, and he just walked away like he didn't’ even care. THen I picked up the garbage and I threw it away.

Also if you go to the beach and you see someone throw garbage on the sand, go pick it up! Because if you don’t, later that day, when the tide comes, it gets into the ocean and if the sea animals eat it they will get sick or die.

Most places in the summer the temperature gets higher and then it will smell bad. And it will not be safe to drink the water.

If you are recycling correctly, that’s good. But also remember to tell people to recycle correctly if they don’t.

I hope you now agree with me that we need to recycle correctly.

Jane Barnard

Third grade