To the Editor:

I see the Darien Times has added its “me too” to the coordinated newspaper editorial hit pieces on Donald Trump 8/17.  All because he has called out “fake news.”

Good for him!  Journalism is almost dead with its observance of political correctness, omitting key elements of a story, or just plain omitting them, etc.  Far from holding those in power accountable, the press is beholding to the interests that promote it—by way of advertising, “access,” or just the personal perks of a newsman’s invitation to the latest A-list party.

Just because abccbsnbcfoxnewscnn all agree with the version of facts doesn’t make it factual.  Despite findings to the contrary, we officially do not question or are allowed to question, for example, the whole 911 scenario, JFK or even Pearl Harbor.

Then there’s the tyranny of Facebook and google in league with the press anointing themselves as the arbiters of truth.  Somehow it is the conservative view that is always censored. And censoring is the proper word. Either by offing dissident voices from its platforms, demonetizing them, or burying them in search results they are willfully killing the free exchange of ideas.

But it’s okay for the press to criticize Trump 24/7 and repeating the most outrageous lies about him—including the idea he should be assassinated.

Why the aggrieved tone in your editorial, Ms. Schultz?  You editors have only yourselves to blame if the fourth estate is now seen as a Potemkin structure.  Even local news isn’t really local as most papers are owned by conglomerates. And I myself on at least three occasions have had things in my letters deleted, having editorial comments inserted, or just not printed.  

We’ve had fake news all our lives but now are starting to see it for what it is.  Thank you, Mr. Trump.

Chet Saur