Tuesday, the Planning & Zoning Commission will discuss the plans for the use of the town-owned property on the grounds of the former Ox Ridge Hunt Club. There are a lot of strong opinions on this property and in some cases misinformation being put forward. Previous neighbor and open space proponents included the concept that lights would be placed on the property in presentations — an idea that was not part of the plan.

We all want things to stay the same, especially when it comes to our town and our neighborhoods. However, as open space becomes more critical and less available, we must remind ourselves that town resources belong to the whole town, not just to those with the most vested interest or the loudest voices. Much like the longtime argument about lights at the high school field, when something is town-owned, it belongs to every tax payer. The use of the property should reflect the best use of the taxpayers’ investment as a whole.

Town officials should serve as stewards of that investment, and that means some are probably going to end up unhappy. However, it should be viewed as a homeowner would view their property. You will listen to your neighbors and compromise as much as possible, but in the end, you as the owner have the right to make the best decision for you and your dependents regarding the best use of your home and property. Patience and understanding are key to a compromise that will benefit all in the end.

The Planning & Zoning Commission will discuss the Board of Selectmen's plans for High Field Farm, as it is now called, on Tuesday night at 8 p.m.