With the weather getting warmer, our number one focus tends to be shaping up and slimming down. So I brainstormed some ideas, and realized just how fit you can get while cooking in the kitchen. Think about it: You're on your feet for a while moving from stove to sink to fridge, and once it's time to eat, the act of cutting food can really work your laterals. Plus, the motion of moving the utensil to and from your mouth can be exhausting! And never mind doing the dishes with all that circular scrubbing and lifting of heavy china. Do you really think they would make rubber gloves designed for this purpose if the act wasn't so strenuous on your hands?

Well, here it is. The perfect workout plan you can do in your own home. (Or somebody else's, but you should probably ask them for permission first.) You'll be in shape in no time.

1. Walk downstairs to your kitchen. If you don't have stairs, skip step #1. You are almost there!

2. Skip in a figure 8 around your kitchen table, and island, five times to warm up your heart rate.

3. Hop on one foot over to the oven and preheat it to 350.

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4. While shuffling feet, pull out a roasting pan. Keep abs tight.

5. Open and close kitchen drawer ten times in a row and repeat, switching arms.

6. Jog to refrigerator. Open and close refrigerator door ten times.

7. Pull out 10 lb rotisserie chicken.

8. Hold in front of you while doing, ten squats, ten bicep curls, and ten overhead lifts. Repeat.

9. With chicken still in hand, lunge over to the counter; lift bird over shoulders and place in baking dish.

10. Remove plastic wrap, while tightening arm muscles.

11. Using left arm and working deltoids, pull out giblets from the cavity. Switch to right arm.

12. Do ten jumping jacks before washing your hands.

13. Jog back to fridge. Open and close door ten times, switching arms, and then re-open and pull out butter. If using olive oil, take the jog over the kitchen cabinet instead.

14. Peel open butter while shifting feet from side to side to keep your adrenaline running. If using olive oil, twist the cap off to strengthen your biceps.

15. Rub stick of butter, or olive oil, all over bird, alternating hands. Keep arms tight while moving them back and forth to cover bird.

16. Lift salt and pepper holders and shake vigorously on top and inside of the chicken, working your forearms.

17. Skip over to oven. Open and close hot oven ten times. You should work up a sweat.

18. Sideways squat back to chicken on counter, lift bird and baking dish overhead, and lunge back to oven. Use strength to keep buttered chicken from slipping off baking dish.

19. Open oven door and place bird in oven.

20. Repeat figure 8 around kitchen, ten times.

21. Jog to cabinet and open door five times. Pull out plates, alternating hands. Lunge to table and set table with plates.

22. Repeat process for napkins, glasses and utensils, lifting each over head.

23. Grab some water and take a break for about 1 1/2 to 3 hours while the chicken bakes and is no longer pink.

24. When chicken is ready, raise arms over to oven mitts and place them on your hands. Give your lower back a good stretch and bend down to pull out chicken.

25. Move head from side to side to release tension in your neck and take out aluminum foil. Alternating weight from left to right foot, rip off foil and place over chicken to sit for about ten minutes while you stretch from head to toe.

26. Fuel that body with chicken until tomorrow's workout. You deserve it!

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