Biden and Harris will restore competence and expertise to government

To the Editor:

I hope my Republican friends and neighbors, deliberating between four more years of a feckless Trump administration and the prospect of crossing the ideological aisle, will consider a broader choice: another term in which cabinet seats and agency posts are filled with “acting” personnel, chosen more for their ability to write donation checks than for their actual expertise — or a return to the boring, safe normalcy of professionals who’ve served both Republican and Democratic leaders.

As Michael Lewis’s excellent book “The Fifth Risk” points out, the scientists and civil servants who’ve (for instance) kept our food safe and secured our nuclear waste were largely tossed out in 2017 in favor of neophytes with connections. This election isn’t about a guy “making” or “keeping” our country great. It’s about restoring competence to the crucial role our government plays in our health and safety every day. I support the Biden/Harris ticket, largely because they’ll respect and defer to expertise.

Philip Van Munching


Biden is the leader America needs

To the Editor:

When Joe Biden says that we are in a battle for the soul of America, he’s right. The past three plus years have been chaotic and uncertain. With Joe Biden as our President, he will lead our country in a thoughtful manner and restore American values.

Immigration is an important issue to me. In his first 100 days in office, he will adopt some of the following immigration enforcement polices: Reverse the cruel and senseless policies that separate parents from their children at our border; and end the mismanagement of the asylum system, which fuels violence and chaos at the border.

We are in difficult times and America needs a leader who is prepared to take on the issues we face, and put forward meaningful strategies to address these issues without compromising our democracy.

Please join me in voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Isabel R. Negron


Wood represents a wing of the GOP that provides hope

To the Editor:

My wife Julie and I now live in Madison and, sadly, no longer represented by Terrie Wood. That said, I continue to follow her efforts in Hartford with admiration for her bi-partisan efforts to improve life in Connecticut.

We are life-long Republicans. Julie's father was a delegate to the 1964 Republican National Convention, an ardent supporter of Berry Goldwater.

We were shocked when Trump was nominated and catatonic on election night when he came down that golden escalator. We’re not supporters of the Clintons, but in 2016 found ourselves in the untenable position of accepting the lesser of two evils.

Again in 2020 we’ll not be voting "for someone" but rather "against someone". Our GOP has stumbled badly and is in desperate need of responsible leadership. You represent a wing of the party that gives us hope, Terrie, stay the course.

Nick and Julie Hahn


RTC chairman responds to op/ed about Board of Ed platform

To the Editor:

In response to Democratic Town Committee Vice Chairman Ann Reed (Opinion, Darien Times, Sept. 17), let me borrow from the legendary U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and say she is entitled to her own opinions, but not her own facts.

The Board of Ed has a Democrat Chairman because Duke Dineen (R), voted for her. We renominated him and Dennis Maroney because they are experienced, thoughtful and collaborative voices this town dearly needs in challenging times. Not withstanding Ms. Reed’s scurrilous “stone throwing,” we are very proud of the hard work they are doing on behalf of Darien parents and students right now.

Our position papers serve as a guide, not a diktat. We insist only that Republican elected officials agree with our core belief that good government is fiscally prudent, transparent, accountable and executed competently to benefit all Darien residents.

Alexander Davidson

Republican Town Committee Chairman

Biden calls for police reform while seeking to protect police

To the Editor:

When recent news broke that police were shot or killed, Joe Biden quickly spoke up. He understands that the extraordinary sacrifice made by law enforcement has been amped up by lawlessness and violence fomented by the current administration. We must not put officers in the middle of a political battle, but need to lessen the dangers that they face.

Black Lives Matter and other movements shed light on much needed reforms. Joe Biden understands the intention of officers to serve with honor, restraint, and accountability. While calling for police reforms, he recognizes that officers deserve protection. A policy of oversight that supports community building is the best way forward in order to protect police and the people that they serve.

This election year, we can choose someone with a history of bridging the gaps between us, not someone who stirs up division. I support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Monica Keady

The writer is a member of ANDD, the Action Network of Darien Democrats

Biden and Harris leadership will not bring order to country

To the Editor:

I am deeply outraged by what is happening to our country. Our towns are being destroyed by anarchists. Police officers are attacked. Monuments are demolished. History is insulted. Disturbingly, this is a reflection of the dangerous leftist Democratic movement — anti-law, -police, -flag or anthem.

Democratic party used to be for hard-working citizens. Democratic Party today is proud to show solidarity with violent groups burning our streets in the name of “BLM” while hurting citizens. Democrats today are assisting violent illegal immigrants back on our streets while refusing to prosecute attacks on police officers. Democratic Party today is siding with anarchy while leaders like Harris are bailing out violent rioters. No, we do not need the “leadership” of Biden/Harris — they will bring anarchy and crime while killing the American dream. We want a country with order, borders, and respect for all of its citizens — not just the ones who scream the loudest and make the biggest mess.

Liz Chmelnicki


Biden track record speaks for itself

To the Editor:

Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to undermine the Affordable Care Act. He continues to talk from both sides of his mouth as he claims to protect pre-existing conditions while his lawyers are trying to get the current law, that already has that protection, struck down in court. Trump claims to have a better healthcare plan but has not produced anything since he became president.

Biden on the other hand helped pass the Affordable Care Act. He has a plan to expand it while making the system less complex. It includes access to affordable health care regardless of income with a choice of a public option. Biden believes in quality care and is committed to lowering the cost of medication.

Biden’s track record speaks for itself while Trump’s behavior should give us much to worry about. It is time to elect new leadership for our country.

Tom Duffy


Terrie Wood continues to earn our trust and vote

To the Editor:

In an era of increasing polarization, Terrie has been focused on working across the aisle to find common sense solutions to issues we all find important. Rather than joining in partisan rancor, she puts into practice her belief that thoughtful and respectful discussions lead to successful solutions to the issues that face our State.

She is clearly focused on making Connecticut stronger, recognizes that “there are many critically important issues in our state right now that deserve an open and honest discussion — quality public education, racial justice and a sustainable financial future...”

Terrie has consistently demonstrated that she understands how to get things done in Hartford, having gained the trust and respect of her colleagues. She is just the type of individual we need representing us in Hartford. We are confident she will continue to produce results.

Meg and David Orner


Republican Town Committee’s Board of Ed platform problematic

To the Editor:

Last week we learned from Ann Reed’s op-ed that the local Republican Town Committee (RTC) put forth an education platform. Take the time to read it. Here a few things that struck me:

1. The local platform echoes Trump’s effort to seize authority over what is taught in our schools.

2. They speak of fiscal transparency; however, Republican Board of Ed members met secretly to discuss the Board of Ed budget.

3. They “promote the freedom to debate and discuss the merits of competing ideas”. However, the RTC chair wrote a letter stating just the opposite.

Darien has a history of candidates running for office who have been proud to represent their ideas and accomplishments to Darien voters. Unfortunately, the RTC is taking away this opportunity for candidates and voters. Voters will have a choice between electing candidates who have put forward their ideas and those who will be puppets for their political party platform.

Evonne Klein

The writer is a member of ANDD, the Action Network of Darien Democrats.