To the Editor:

The following is in response to a letter published Tuesday written by Darien resident Paul Michalski.  

Attorney Michalski, this is and has never been about credit or politics, until Mr. Richards and his supporters made it that way and tried to take credit.

It’s not political or complicated as you have tried to spin from your years of experience working in the legal profession. For the record, counselor, I was asked to serve on the Republican Town Committee  for a very short period of time as someone became very ill so, I helped interview candidates for important public positions.

And I’m not part of the DAF board, just a big fan and supporter of their great work. Personally, I vote and support the best candidates and don’t vote by party. For me it’s all about what you and not what you say. Life is not that complicated and it’s what we try and teach our kids —  right and wrong, good and  bad, Givers and Takers.

Together the Town of Darien showed us all on Friday night that there is no “I” in “team,”  and it was a very special evening made possible by a community that came together to do the right thing and stood up to the bully in the room.

Thank you to the Darien Police and  Fire Departments for their time and service. When asked, they told me they had next to no issues, people were cooperative, parking and traffic was manageable and people enjoyed their hot dogs, burger and soda’s. One officer told me that his favorite part of the evening was watching the 200+ younger kids playing unsupervised sports and burning off energy next to the visitors stands.

Counselor, your letter is inaccurate and was very carefully worded, which is not surprising knowing you have been a strong legal entity fighting the lights with a very small handful of people over the years. Personally I have been part of countless meetings pro & con and heard all sides while presenting factual real-estate studies over the years . It’s unfortunate that you and Mr. Richards did not invite the very supportive neighbors to your negotiations who have gone on record and are actually closer in proximity than your home to DHS.  Thrilled with the strong leadership who got this over the goal line as the community had the first of many wonderful evenings under the lights.  I personally bumped into friends, neighbors and a number of young men and women I had the privilege to coach who I had not seen in years, it was great!

I won't be responding to any more politically spun letters after this post. I will leave you with a quote from my first generation Polish American grandmother who I think you could learn from, "In life there are givers and there are takers, and the takers don't know what they are missing!”

Thank you DAF, Planning & Zoning, The Board of Ed, Town Officials, Darien Foundation and so many volunteers for helping to right this wrong and for creating a safe beautiful gathering place for our community to enjoy with our children, grand parents, friends and neighbors. Darien Strong, Be Proud & Go Blue Wave!

Guy Wisinski