“The times they are a chang’n!”

For decades Darien was known as “one of the most Republican towns in the state.” In fact, in January 2020, we near 3,200 registered Democrats in Darien, which is the highest Democratic voter registration in the history of the town. Democratic and Unaffiliated voter registration continues to grow in Darien while Republican voter registration continues to decline. Neighboring towns are seeing the same trend. Just this month the Town of Wilton announced that Democratic voter registration has surpassed Republican voter registration. Why? We believe that people in our community and the surrounding communities have become increasingly concerned about the state of our democracy and are taking action to be more involved in the political process.

Throughout Fairfield County local Democratic activist groups have formed to not only support candidates, but also rally for democracy, the prevention of gun violence, and for the election of Democrats to all levels of government with an eye on winning the White House in November.

In Darien active Democrats have come together to form the Action Network of Darien Democrats, a political action committee also known as ANDD. The Action Network of Darien Democrats aims to give a strong voice to the Democratic activists among us, and provide opportunities for Democrats to participate in the political process. Our mission is to elect Democrats to local, state and national office.

Darien Democrats through ANDD are playing an active role to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives, win the majority in the Senate and win the White House in November. On a local level, many voters were disappointed by the lack of a Democratic first selectman candidate in 2019, as well as the lack of contested races for our local boards, resulting in the absence of a debate on the issues facing Darien. In November, the Connecticut state legislature is up for election, we believe that it is critical for the Democrats to have a candidate for Darien’s 141st district to debate the issues facing the state, and present ideas on how those issues may be resolved.

As an activist group we bring human and financial resources to campaigns at all levels to help Democrats win. Our leadership team includes Evonne Klein, Callie Sullivan, Shannon Silsby, Barbara Cox and Randy Klein. Our founding members include members of the Darien community who have served and continue to serve the Darien community in many capacities.

With the support of our donors we contributed to the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee and the Democratic Victory PAC. Our volunteers have been in Fairfield and Greenwich phone banking and canvassing for the Connecticut State Representative Special Elections scheduled for this month. As the 2020 field unfolds, we are and will continue to activate a strategy to impact campaigns in Connecticut and across the country.

Activist Democrats can sign up for our Action Alerts and to volunteer at our website www.anddems.com, follow us on Social Media: @actionnetworkofdariendemocrats on Instagram and Facebook and @ActionDarien on Twitter.

So much is stake —to make the change we need to make in the White House it’s going to take all of us working together. Through our network we will turn action into success in November. Please join us on the campaign trail.

Evonne Klein

Callie Sullivan

Shannon Silsby

Barbara Cox

Randy Klein