Op/Ed: Darien’s TikTok mom offers ‘mom hacks’

My husband Luke and I live in Darien, with our four children ages six and under. I am excited to share with you the little bits of life I learn, my mom hacks, recipes, DIY Projects and also laugh with you along the way.

Yes, it is true — I love TikTok.

I own a store in Darien and Watch Hill, Rhode Island, Coco and Lala, I went to law school and I am a realtor.

But the reality is, my favorite thing in the whole world is being with Luke and our kids. If you know me, which I hope you all start to soon, you know I like to live everyday like it is the best day ever (my grandma taught me that). I like to chase my dreams, take chances, dance like noone is watching, love with all my heart, and laugh.

The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, I know it is a crazy-hectic time as a mom, but the joy of living the holidays through my children’s eyes has been one of the most exciting things ever. It is something about Mariah Carey Christmas and Christmas lights around town and on houses that just makes everything seem a little better. As the Holiday season begins, I wanted to teach my children the importance of giving back and being thankful for all the gifts we have been given.

We decided to put together a “Thank You” front door station for the holidays. The thank you station is for all the mailmen, Instacart delivery, Amazon delivery, FedEx, UPS who have been helping our family and making sure that all our Christmas gifts get here in time.

The station lives at our front door and has hand written “Thank You” notes from our family as well as candy-scented hand sanitizer (a big hit at our house), Lifesavers (because getting our gifts on time automatically makes you a “lifesaver), candy, treats and water. We also added some hand lotion — a TikTok follower let us know that delivery people really do need extra hand lotion during the cold season!

I take the station in every night and put it back out in the morning because we have a few squirrels who have decided our house is a great spot for lunch since they noticed we overdid it around Halloween.

I hope by setting this station up we can put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season. I read this quote the other day and it really stuck with me and helped remind me why it is so important to teach our children about kindness during the holidays — “When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” It is so true.

Seeing the smiles on people's faces when they deliver to our house seriously makes our day. Sometimes it is the little things that have the biggest impact on all of us. Something magical about the holidays — rght?

Doherty can be found on Tik Tok at tiktok.com/@athomewithshannon.