Oct. 30: The final week's Darien election letters

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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Biden sign stolen, letter left in mailbox

To the Editor:

With less than a week before Election Day, is this what Darien has devolved into? In the dark of night someone stole our Biden lawn sign and left an harassing letter in our mailbox, trying to insult and/or frighten us. Cowardice. An anonymous letter calling us fools for our beliefs, for exercising our right to free speech. Our founders knew that we rise by sharing our voices not silencing those that disagree with us.

This person truly laden with fear to publicly express their support for Donald Trump has no right to judge us, trespass on our property and steal one of our possessions.

Be brave and plant your own sign then return our sign with a signed letter of apology.

Darien — join us in voting Row A. Send a strong message to preserve our democracy and reject this kind of behavior. We are better than this.

Shannon and Jon Silsby


The writer is a member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats

Dineen and Maroney will keep local control in schools

To the Editor:

After proudly posting pictures with Governor Lamont, Lt. Governor Bysiewicz and an endorsement by U.S. Congressman Jim Himes on social media—can we really believe that Democrat Board of Education candidates Mike Burke and Sara Parent truly think that a. “politics don’t belong in education” and b. regionalization of schools is a bad idea?

A new report entitled “Separate but Unequal,” published last week by CT Voices for Children, explicitly ties local control of zoning laws and school district boundaries to educational outcomes and calls for state control of local zoning and regionalization of schools.

Mike and Sara have run a well-funded campaign this fall with a shockingly high-profile list of Democrat supporters.

When it comes to Darien’s Board of Education race, voters should be wondering—what’s really on the ballot Nov. 3?

Keep local control, please join me and vote for Dennis Maroney and Duke Dineen.

Susan Marks


The writer is a former selectman for Darien.

Himes will keep our communities safe

To the Editor:

After the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 I was numb. After the Parkland shootings in 2018 I joined Moms Demand Action to start fighting for common sense gun legislation. I found an advocate and leader in my Congressman Jim Himes.

Congressman Himes supports reasonable, responsible gun control measures that will save lives. He supports universal background checks, banning bump stocks, and better mental health screenings for gun purchases. Congressman Himes sponsored an Act to prevent individuals with restraining orders against them from buying or possessing a gun. I don’t want a victim of domestic abuse to fear that her abuser will purchase a firearm.

I really don’t want to sit, frustrated, as Republicans in Congress refuse to vote on gun reform measures and offer up thoughts and prayers without any action.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Jim Himes to continue his fight to keep us all safe.

Ann Reed

The writer is the vice chairman of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee

Vote for Joe Biden on Election Day

To the Editor:

In January, my son Jason and I went up to New Hampshire to canvass for Joe and I picked up one of his lawn signs. Nine months later the sign still stands. Things didn’t look great that weekend. There were other formidable candidates who had compelling stories. South Carolina followed by Super Tuesday changed all that and the party quickly coalesced around Joe. Joe’s message and who he is hasn’t.

Joe is a compassionate, good man and the current occupant of the White House is not. It’s that simple. There are important policy differences and Joe is much more than a nice guy. It’s his core as a man and as a human being, with all of the imperfections we all have that convince me how badly we need his leadership. That sign I got in New Hampshire back in January, now battered and weather beaten will come down soon. It symbolizes what we have all gone through in 2020. Restore the soul of America. Vote for Joe Biden

Randy Klein


Action Network of Darien Democrats

Hoping Darien votes for Joe Biden

To the Editor:

I am a 23-year Darien resident. I hope that Darien votes for Biden: Trump ridiculed masks and the current estimate projects over 400,000 dead — roughly the number of northerners killed in the Civil War. Japan instead embraced masks and have only 1,672 dead. Biden will embrace masks. Trump will scuttle the Affordable Care Act, with 21 million losing insurance. Biden will strengthen it, yet preserve private insurance.

In 2020, wildfires burned an area larger than Maryland — Trump has no plan. Biden’s $2 trillion plan to combat climate change will create 1 million unionized jobs and raise taxes only on incomes over $400,000. Moody’s Analytics determined Biden’s plan will create seven million more jobs than Trump’s policies. On the China trade war, BBC’s independent analysis found the biggest losers were American companies and consumers. Biden’s focus on requiring domestic manufacturing in key industries will be far more effective.

David Maloof


The writer is a member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats

Biden wins when it comes to character

To the Editor:

At the close of this year’s second presidential debate, Joe Biden declared “character is on the ballot.”

Abraham Lincoln, the president Trump thinks he most resembles, put the matter this way:

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it and the tree is the real thing.”

Reputation distracts us, while character creates real world effects.

Character led Donald Trump to downplay a pandemic because it made him look bad, to threaten rivals and intimidate voters, to refuse to promise what no President has ever challenged—the peaceful transfer of power.

For four years, Trump has tended to the shadow—his image, his brand. But we have come to see the tree clearly.

We have seen enough. We’ve learned how much character counts; especially in a President, especially in a time of crisis.

Joe Biden is right to make character the issue. On character, he wins.

Christine Simpson


The writer is a member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats

Maroney is a dedicated public servant

To the Editor:

We are writing to share our support for the re-election of Dennis Maroney to Darien’s Board of Education. We have known Dennis and his family for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of experience to his Board of Education role, having served for three years and before that, five years as the chairman of the RTM’s Education Subcommittee.

Dennis is a thoughtful, inquisitive, and deep thinker on topics relevant to the education of today’s youth. We believe he brings transparency and communication skills to the board. We also appreciate his long-term perspective on the capital spending. In our mind, Darien is fortunate to have Dennis Maroney as a dedicated public servant on its Board of Education. Please join us in voting him in for another term.

Laurie and John Orem


ANDD supports Duff, Leone and Blumenthal

To the Editor:

The Action Network of Darien Democrats is proud to endorse State Senate Majority Leader State Senator Bob Duff (25th state senate district); State Senator Carlo Leone (27th state senate district); and State Representative Matt Blumenthal (147th district) for re-election to the Connecticut State Legislature.

While Republican legislators across Connecticut sit on the sidelines complaining about our great state, our Democratic state legislators are leading the way taking action on legislation that will provide a better future for us all, while protecting us from the crisis in D.C. Duff, Leone and Blumenthal voted to:

— Fund Planned Parenthood to ensure women can continue to make their own healthcare decisions;

— Pass legislation enabling the use of tax credits, which helps students pay off their debt; and

— Enact the toughest gun violence prevention legislation in the country.

Please join us and vote Row A.

Action Network of Darien Democrats

Splitting the ballot to vote for Terrie Wood

To the Editor:

Once again, I will be splitting my ballot and voting for Terrie Wood for state representative for Darien and Norwalk. She has earned it by representing us and Connecticut well.

Values are a fundamental qualification for any public office but, in this Presidential year, they shine even brighter. I share Terrie’s values of a smaller government based on accountability, justice, and quality education.

Terrie is a thoughtful, practical, warm-hearted legislator. She listens to all sides. She gathers facts, opinions, and evidence as her foundation for her rational policy and legislation. The one-party rule in Hartford keeps applying the same decades old, failed policies as their solutions. Terrie is our ray of hope in providing bottom-up, thoughtful, practical answers to the health, educational, and economic growth needs we face today. Please join me in voting for Terrie. We need more Terrie Woods in Hartford, and Washington for that matter.

Basil Lyden


Blumenthal has served Darien well

To the Editor:

I write to express my unqualified support of Matt Blumenthal, running for state representative for the 147th district. Matt is a man of integrity, character and decency that has served, and will continue to serve, our town and our district well.

A former U.S. Marine infantry officer, Matt embraces the high ideals and values of public service. A son of Fairfield County, he has represented us where it counts — on the Judiciary, Education and Government Administrations and Elections Committees. His many accomplishments in the legislature include leading the effort to expand absentee-ballot access, advocating for a constitutional amendment allowing early voting, and supporting small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the most important reason to vote for Matt is that he is a careful and thoughtful listener, a considerate and conscientious neighbor and a devoted and strong advocate for Darien and our district.

Sharad Samy


The writer is a member of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee

Wood puts the needs of constituents first

To the Editor:

I am writing to offer my support for Terrie Wood for State Representative.

Terrie has an excellent record of putting the needs of her constituents and local businesses ahead of politics. I have had the pleasure of working with Terrie on multiple state initiatives and have great admiration for her ability to understand the issues and implement sound policies in Hartford.

During her next term, Terrie is the perfect candidate to ensure Connecticut remains focused on the real issues and emerges from these challenging times with a more robust economy. Her dedication and compassion for the needs of lower Fairfield County is exactly what we need in Hartford.

Terrie Wood is an asset to Darien and Rowayton and I’m proud to support her re-election.

Pat Rogers


A vote for Trump reflects a poor education

To the Editor:

I am lucky to have been raised in a community where 81 percent of adults have a college degree or higher (Towncharts.com). My astronomically-ranked public school education gave me the tools and perspective to understand the world around me and prepared me for success at a well-ranked university, a path not uncommon in Darien. A study on how education affects racial attitude by the National Institute of Health describes that an advanced education weakens prejudice and fosters a real commitment to racial equality by providing knowledge about the historical, social, and economic forces responsible for inequality (NIH).

We live in an educated town. On Nov. 3, prove it by voting for Joe Biden.

Eleanor Kelley


The writer is a member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats

Maroney listened to parents’ concerns

To the Editor:

Dennis Maroney is my choice for the Board of Education in this election. Darien’s Board and the administration have come under fire this fall from me, and many other like-minded parents who believe we can (and should) do better by our children, especially those in elementary school.

When we spoke up, Dennis listened. He never got defensive. He never attacked us in return. Instead, he suggested the formation of a communications committee, a reconsideration of the district’s class size policy, and he elevated our concerns over the failures of remote learning.

Further, Dennis has consistently been a champion for our children’s mental health. While always important, this focus has never been more critical than it is today.

Dennis Maroney is the best candidate in this race for our kids. He truly believes they come first, and I hope you will join me in voting for him on Nov. 3.

Taylor Carter


The writer is a member of Darien’s Board of Finance

Support the full Democratic ticket on Election Day

To the Editor:

I am excited to cast my vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the full Democratic ticket on Nov. 3. We are fortunate to have both Biden and Harris at the top of the ticket. They understand how government should and could work for the benefit of all Americans and not just some. They value people and our planet, understand the science and have a plan to address the challenges of climate change. And, rather than eliminate the ACA, they have plans to improve health insurance for all.

Locally, we also have a choice for the Board of Education. I am voting for Mike Burke and Sara Parent, because it’s time we put politics aside when it comes to our children’s education and elect people who will put children first.

Please join me in voting Row A.

Regina Barrowcliff


Wood is what we need in Hartford during these uncertain times

To the Editor:

Recently, I met a couple at a friend’s barbecue. Terrie Wood’s name came up and the couple asked me which political party Terrie is affiliated with. I thought that was telling. This couple had wonderful things to say about Terrie. We discussed how fortunate we are to have Terrie represent our town in Hartford.

She is diplomatic and a great listener. The priorities she takes to Hartford reflect the priorities and concerns of Darien citizens — education, jobs and the local economy. Her pragmatic approach to problem solving is what we need in these uncertain times.

I’m happy once again to support Terrie’s re-election.

Amy Powless


Biden has plans for the future in energy

To the Editor:

Joe Biden knows our energy and fossil fuel industries are in a period of transition. The four leading wind generation states are Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Biden knows the energy industries in those states are in a period of transition. There are 10 times more people working in the clean green energy industries in America today than in coal, oil, and natural gas. Seventy two percent of new electricity generation worldwide in 2019 came from renewables because that’s the future. The stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones, but because we transitioned to metal tools.

Likewise, the oil age isn’t going to end because we run out of oil but because we invent new renewable sources of energy. The countries that are going to win that race are the ones that are already in transition. Unlike Trump, Biden has a plan to make America lead in this effort. Vote Biden!

Yakut Akman


Biden has the experience we need during COVID-19 crisis

To the Editor:

I urge all Darien voters to support the Biden Harris ticket when they cast their vote. Joe Biden will not sit idly by in our battle against COVID-19. In the midst of a growing public health crisis, the country is looking for leadership and trusted experience — and that’s Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has been focused on the threat that COVID-19 has posed to our nation and the decisive public health and economic steps necessary to get the virus under control, to deliver immediate relief to working families and to keep open our schools and businesses safely. First, and foremost, the Biden/Harris team will listen to science and ensure that public health decisions are informed by public health professionals. But our first step is voting for the Biden/Harris team. Please join me.

Kathleen McLaughlin Rodriguez


Maroney’s daughter urge reisdents to vote for their father

To the Editor:

We are proud to support our dad, Dennis Maroney, for re-election to the Board of Ed. Our dad watched us go through K-12 in Darien, saw the ups and downs, how it prepared us for our futures, and ultimately how it molded us into the people we are today. He has proven that these experiences, along with the past three years on the BOE, have and will help him be an integral member of the board and that he will listen to the needs of the students.

He is the leader of advocating for mental health on the board and is always proposing new ways to improve the well-being of Darien students. Our dad will put the same level of effort and enthusiasm that he did throughout our education towards working on the board to improve the Darien schools. Please join us in voting for Dennis Maroney for re-election.

Becca Maroney - DHS ‘ 16, Gettysburg College ‘20

Republican party ,ember

Cassie Maroney - DHS ’19, Bowdoin College ‘23

Democratic Party Member

Don’t make decisions based on the ‘Fear Vote’

To the Editor:

One party in town has adopted the fear vote. “Vote for our candidate because you should be afraid of the other guy.”

Don’t you want a party who says here’s our candidate, what they believe in, and what they’ll do to make your life and your community better?

The fear tactic implies that you are not smart enough to read, listen, and understand what each candidate is saying and what they will do. Rather, you can’t trust what they say. Do what we say.

The fear tactic is telling you to do what they say because they know better than you. I quit letting people tell me what to think and believe a long time ago. I bet you have too.

Vote for the candidate that you believe will do the best for you, your kids, your community.

David R. Martin