Himes will keep our communities safe

To the Editor:

After the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 I was numb. After the Parkland shootings in 2018 I joined Moms Demand Action to start fighting for common sense gun legislation. I found an advocate and leader in my Congressman Jim Himes.

Congressman Himes supports reasonable, responsible gun control measures that will save lives. He supports universal background checks, banning bump stocks, and better mental health screenings for gun purchases. Congressman Himes sponsored an Act to prevent individuals with restraining orders against them from buying or possessing a gun. I don’t want a victim of domestic abuse to fear that her abuser will purchase a firearm.

I really don’t want to sit, frustrated, as Republicans in Congress refuse to vote on gun reform measures and offer up thoughts and prayers without any action.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Jim Himes to continue his fight to keep us all safe.

Ann Reed

The writer is the vice chairman of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee

Vote Republican to support open debate

To the Editor:

As an immigrant from China, I have witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of excessive government control. I also know what it’s like to live in a society where the rights of the individual citizens are not protected, freedom of speech is severely curtailed, and the government tightly controls the dissemination of information. I remember as a child, my parents longed for the democracy and openness of America, and envied the steadfast protection of individual liberties and expression.

There is a troubling trend taking hold in American society today that seems to favor “canceling” those who disagree with us, rather than engage in spirited debate of policies. Our local republican candidates stand as strong defenders of the ideals that form the core of American strength. A vote for Terrie Wood, Ellie Kousidis, David Dineen and Dennis Maroney is a vote for the right to self-determination, open exchange of ideas and local control of our schools.

Janet Cling


Maroney brings valuable assets to the Board of Education

To the Editor:

As a recently retired Darien public school teacher, former member of the RTM Education Committee, and past Hindley PTO co-chair, I support Dennis Maroney for the Board of Education. I worked with Dennis for many years on the Education Committee. In his role as chairman, his thoughtful, reflective leadership style encouraged a free flow of opinions and ideas. In his current position as a member of the board, I’ve found him to be open and available to discuss any question or concern. His ability to ask probing questions, whether in a one on one conversation or at a Board meeting, reflects his desire to thoroughly understand the issues. Dennis’ years of experience and skills are valuable assets as the board navigates the challenges of the moment, and those to come. I hope you will join me in voting for him on Nov. 3.

Susan Morrison


Wood promotes a better future

To the Editor:

Terrie Wood is Darien's bright light in Hartford. Connecticut has long enacted laws detrimental to economic vitality, as reflected in high and growing unfunded liabilities and declining population numbers. Terrie listens, and she brings level-headed fiscal sense to reverse these challenging trends. Terrie supports local control of schools, zoning, and public safety and health — all issues that need protection from those on the State level that want to wrestle control of Fairfield County. Terrie understands policies that attract people and businesses and is willing to compromise on a non-partisan basis to ensure passage.

Some politicians sacrifice the state economy to attract votes. Democratic allegiance to the state employee unions has had a devastating effect on state finances. Voting for Republican state legislators will help bring sorely needed balance to Hartford. We support Terrie and her unwavering determination to restore Connecticut to a state that attracts job creators and families.

Laurie and Tom McGrath


Burke and Parent can best support success for our schools

To the Editor:

These are difficult times for educators. Balancing the health of children with maintenance of Darien’s justly admired educational excellence requires focus, understanding, and flexibility addressing an unpredictable future.

Mike Burke and Sara Parent are the candidates for Board of Education who can best support and guide the success of our children, staff, and administration in navigating the complex decisions and actions facing them.

Sara Parent, with an master’s degree in teaching from Columbia, is a trained educator. She has taught school. She knows quality education from the inside out. She also has a record as a committed champion of Darien’s children and school system.

Mike Burke, a Board of Education member since 2014, is the chairman of the Board's Policy Committee, and as a member of the Negotiations Committee, has helped reach agreements that both honor the work of our teachers, and are mindful of taxpayer dollars.

Vote Burke and Parent.

Cecil Wade


The writer is a member of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee

Stand against school regionalization

To the Editor:

Listening to the recent League of Women Voters’ Board of Education debate, it is apparent there is some confusion over what “school regionalization” means. When legislators in Hartford talk about regionalization, they’re talking about forced consolidation of our schools with those of another, larger school district and ceding local control of our schools.

The Democrat-controlled state legislature has been trying to push this for years. To be clear, opposition from small towns like Darien has been absolutely bi-partisan, and we hope it will remain so. Republicans are unequivocally in favor of retaining local control over our schools. We are unequivocally against ceding that control to some bureaucratic team in Hartford. We do support finding efficiencies with other neighboring towns if it benefits our taxpayers, schools and students, but voters should not be misled into thinking voluntary collaboration is the same as school regionalization.

Chris Taylor

The writer is the vice chairman of Darien’s Republican Town Committee

Residents of the 147th district should support Blumenthal

To the Editor:

Matt Blumenthal, a Stamford native, is up for reelection this fall. Matt has military experience and a legal background which give him a unique perspective in Hartford.

He is fiscally responsible and has supported our businesses, while rejecting the shift in teacher pensions to local municipalities. He supports science-based decision making which has led our state to be a leader in keeping our COVID-19 infection rate low.

He has improved public safety with gun laws, and helped Connecticut residents by supporting absentee ballots for all Connecticut residents this year. He has worked to hold Eversource accountable with oversight.

Matt’s most important characteristic is his responsiveness to his constituents. He loves to meet and to hear from local residents. He is transparent, fair and balanced.

Please re-elect Matt Blumenthal for state representative on Nov. 3.

Sarah Neumann

The writer is a town selectman

Support Blumenthal for 147th district

To the Editor:

I voted for Matt Blumenthal in 2018 as my representative in the 147th state district because I agreed with his positions. As a first term legislator he wrote and led the passage of a ban on ghost guns and 3-D printed guns, helped lead the expansion of absentee ballot access, passed a budget that included increased funding for Stamford and Darien schools, and pushed for the expansion of COVID-19 test sites, PPE for healthcare workers and aid for businesses and families.

He exceeded my expectations by his correspondence with his constituents during the pandemic. I look forward to my daily COVID-19 update from Matt Blumenthal. He informs us of the number of statewide cases, deaths, hospitalizations and how they change daily, Governor Lamont’s executive orders and other pertinent information. He includes his phone number and e-mail address in case we need information or have a question.

Roslyn Nesin


Leadership matters, vote Biden and Harris

To the Editor:

As a member of the Darien RTM and as a former selectman, I understand that leadership matters and that’s why I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for president and vice president. They have the experience and the skills that we need now to lead our country, setting a new and better course for our nation. The tone and tenor of the Biden Town Hall was clear — calm, smart leadership with a goal to unify.

Whether you’re voting by absentee or in person, please join me in voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well as the full Democratic ticket along Row A.

Barbara Thorne


Support Wood for state representative

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically endorse Terrie Wood for state representative, as she has proved to be level-headed, a thoughtful listener, and has diplomatically worked towards bi-partisan initiatives and solutions. She strives to represent all of us: she holds frequent meetings and coffees to hear constituents’ thoughts and concerns. I applaud her attention towards mental health, dyslexia, environmental and fiscal policy reforms.

Terrie’s priorities for her next term: meet historic health care challenges by protecting all citizens, particularly our most vulnerable, address dynamic education needs by ensuring state funding confronts the dramatic impact of school shutdowns, rebuild our local economy by placing urgency on the recovery of our local merchants and small businesses, and bring sustained fiscal prudence to our state by re-evaluating state budget priorities and supporting policies that attract job creators.

Terrie is dedicated, passionate and trustworthy, and I look forward to her next term as our state representative.

Martha Rhein


Support Susan Gray for Democratic Registrar of Voters

To the Editor:

The Darien Democratic Town Committee has endorsed Susan Gray’s for a third term as Democratic Registrar of Voters. (Please note: the RTM does not nominate candidates for Registrar of Voters as was incorrectly stated in a letter last week by the son of Republican Registrar John Visi supporting his father’ re-election.)

Susan is an attorney who brings invaluable legal experience to the job. The Registrar must implement Connecticut’s voter registration and election laws, and her legal background is essential for that job.

Susan has lived in Darien for thirty-one years. She has volunteered at Ox Ridge and Royle Schools, Middlesex Middle School, Darien High School, Council of Darien School Parents, Darien Environmental Group, the Depot, YWCA, Darien Historical Society, Center for Hope, St. Thomas More Church and the Family and Children’s Agency.

Please support Susan’s re-election as Darien’s Democratic Registrar of Voters.

David Bayne

The writer is the chairman of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee.

Editor’s note: The letter in the Oct. 15 edition of The Darien Times incorrectly stated the RTM had nominated John Visi. It should have said Republican Town Committee, or RTC.

Support Terrie Wood for state representative

To the Editor:

Despite the acrimony in politics today, we actually all share the same desires: health, prosperity, and justice for ourselves, our loved ones, our state, and our nation. It’s how we pursue these goals that makes the difference.

Luckily we have a representative of character like Terrie Wood. While other candidates pay lip service to unity, for over a decade Terrie Wood has built a reputation for listening and working with people on both sides of the aisle. Importantly, however, Terrie Wood supports solutions that are fair, accountable and fiscally viable, not solutions that exacerbate our problems in pursuit of an agenda. The mess in our state goes beyond town borders. Whether addressing education, the economy, or the pandemic, our representation will need to take a key role in addressing these issues properly. Regardless of who you support for president, Terrie Wood is the right person to represent us fixing Connecticut.

Ronald LaMorte


Supporting the Republican ticket in November

To the Editor:

We are writing as a proponent of our state’s Republican party and backing of their candidates this election: Terrie Wood, Ellie Kousidis, David Dineen and Dennis Maroney.

We have always been conservative thinkers, but more accurately strong defenders of patriotism and America. We appreciate anyone who steps up to political office regardless of party, but Connecticut needs change and conservative leadership in our State.

In the last 20 years, we have watched a decline in services, businesses, healthcare choices, an increase in taxes, and a push for state control of local schools and zoning that continues to prove detrimental to our State’s residents. A vote for the state’s Republicans is a vote for the core values that make America great — hard work, individual rights, equal opportunity, volunteerism, self-reliance, accountability, support of our military, police, and a shared understanding of common good.

We will show our support for these ideals and vote Republican this election.

The Hazelton, Geiger, Lanese Families


Board of Ed should represent all residents

To the Editor

The blue signs around tell you “Kids Come First,” but what about their parents, or the taxpayer that lost their job, had their salary reduced or had to quit to help their kids with online learning? How about those with no kids in the school system?

My husband, and the rest of the Board of Finance, realized that these people mattered, too. When they asked each department in town to reduce a portion of their 2020 budget increase, they were vilified by certain Democrats in town (including both Democrats running for Board of Ed), who falsely claimed that our quality education would be affected. No other surrounding town gave their Board of Ed an increase, and the job of a Board of Ed is to represent everyone, not just those with means or kids. Dennis Maroney advocated working with Board of Finance, not against them. Please support Dennis for the Board of Education — we are all in this together.

Kari Cardone


Maroney is an outstanding candidate for Board of Ed

To the Editor:

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Dennis Maroney when we were members of the RTM’s rules committee. As the chairman of education, Dennis was an integral part of many of our discussions. Always well informed and truly aware of educational requests impact on the budget, Dennis was sensitive to the needs of the town and yet, cognizant of financial burdens. Never shy of controversy, he would listen to opposing views but remain mindful of his actions and those of the committee. It’s not easy to be a “public servant.”

Criticisms are often rampant and many prove to be unfounded. It takes a strong-willed individual to endure this environment. I believe that Dennis Moroney is that type of person. With his personal integrity, vast applicable experiences and genuine concern for the betterment of the town, he is an outstanding candidate to be re-elected to the Board of Education.

Gary Swenson


Kousidis brings a fresh perspective to state government

To the Editor:

As a boomerang Darienite - grew up here as a kid, then moved back as an adult - a lot about our town, that I loved as a kid, is the same. Which is why I love it as adult with children. We live in a very special place and as an adult resident, it is my responsibility to protect it, as it was my parents’ responsibility a generation ago.

Facing a unique set of global, domestic and local challenges, Darien and Connecticut face incredible threats as well as opportunities. With the right leadership, I am convinced we have the power to come out in a stronger position, which is why I am supporting Ellie Kousidis, for state senate.

She brings a fresh perspective, strong integrity and a genuine care for all the people of Darien. As a proud resident of Darien, I’m confident Ellie is the leader we need now.

Chris Emme