Himes doesn't listen

To the Editor:

Across the country and in Fairfield County, most Americans opposed the health-care bill. But Jim Himes didn't hear us and voted yes.

The stimulus? Most of us didn't want it. Himes didn't listen. He voted yes.

Cap and trade? In Connecticut, most voters said no. In Washington, Jim Himes voted yes.

End the secret ballot in union elections? Again, his constituents said no. Jim Himes voted yes.

Raising taxes? Most voters say no. Himes? Yes.

If Jim Himes does not listen to you, then you should know that you are not alone. By a wide margin, voters across the country and in Fairfield County oppose the Nancy Pelosi and Jim Himes' position on the issues. Jim Himes can't hear us. On Nov. 2, let's turn up the volume.

Chris DeMuth, Jr.

New Canaan

Time for a change in

Hartford and


To the Editor:

During my years as Selectman, I got to know and to personally like Dick Blumenthal, Dan Malloy and Jim Himes. And I respect all of them for their dedicated service to the citizens of Connecticut.

But let's face it -- Washington and Hartford are governmental disasters. Nationally, we have trillion dollar deficits; sky-high unemployment; a multi-billion dollar, pork-filled stimulus package that didn't work during the depression and is not working now; a health-care bill that the majority of Americans do not want and virtually no one has read; a financial reform package that fails to address Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the root causes of the financial meltdown; and an administration that is suing Arizona for trying to enforce our immigration laws.

Similarly, our state government has given us multi-billion dollar deficits, together with the highest taxes per capita and among the most number of state employees per capita in the country.

Given all this, do we really want to send more liberal politicians to Washington and Hartford? Or should we elect fiscally conservative, free market business executives with proven records of success in the private sector?

Rather than worrying about what the candidates have (or have not) done in the past, let's focus on what they will do in the future. On that basis, the choices are clear. Please join me on Nov. 2 in supporting Linda McMahon for the Senate, Tom Foley for governor and Dan Debicella for Congress.

Peter Crumbine

Former Selectman

Town of Greenwich

Post 53 thanks

Tech Foundation

To the Editor:

The mission of Darien Emergency Services - Post 53 is to provide the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care to the families and businesses of Darien. Through a generous grant awarded by the Darien Technology and Community Foundation, Post 53 has been able to expand the use of technology on board our five emergency vehicles (three ambulances and two fly cars) by purchasing mobile data terminals and related software. These computers will provide up to the minute information and data about the nature of the medical emergency and will help our crews to respond. Additionally, they will further integrate Darien EMS with the town's other emergency services, the police and the fire departments.

As Post 53 continues to provide Darien with excellent pre-hospital care, the past support and current help of the DT&CF remains crucial to our ability to serve the town.

Darien EMS-Post 53 is a private, non-profit service that uses more than 60 highly trained and state certified Darien High School students as well as 30 adult advisors trained in advanced life support. This organization is 100 percent volunteer with three fully equipped and staffed ambulances providing free 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year advanced emergency ambulance services.

Thank you to the Darien Technology and Community Foundation.

The Young Adults and Adult Advisors of Post 53