Greenwich receives $200K environmental fine

To the Editor:

The town of Greenwich was recently fined $200,000 by state and federal environmental agencies following a ruptured sewage "force main." Twenty-eight thousand gallons of sewage released into Mianus River.

Darien potentially faces the same fines on a grander scale. The "force main" leaving the Stony Brook pump station was installed in 1938. It has required repairs and has been studied. The last study completed in 2005 by engineers at Malcolm Pirnie. They recommend a 16-inch plastic pipe replace the old, worn, undersized and rusted 12-inch cast iron pipe presently in service for more than 70 years.

The Stony Brook pump station serves half the town of Darien. On an average day, the pump station moves 1.5 million to 3.5 million gallons dwarfing Greenwich's failure.

The cost of the new pipe is roughly $600,000. Repaving the section of Route 1 is $400,000. Total cost is roughly $1 million. Darien's Sewer and Public Works Departments have failed to present this to previous boards of selectmen in a fashion where they cannot ignore this potential time bomb. If this pipe is allowed to fail our costs will be much higher. Surprisingly, the new Goodwives River Sewer Project connects to Stony Brook pump station. Perhaps the hard lesson learned by Greenwich is one Darien can learn from as well.

Chris Noe

RTM District 2