DHS club supports shopping bag ban

Last week, the Darien Board of Selectmen met to discuss the plastic shopping bag ban ordinance. We, members of the Eco Citizens club at Darien High School, reminded them that in April we wrote up a petition in support of the ban and circulated it around Darien High School to see if students were for an ordinance against the use of plastic shopping bags in town. We received overwhelming support from a majority of the students. We reminded the Board of Selectmen that as members of the younger generation, if this ban were put in place it would bring positive change to the environment and to the world, a change that would deeply affect our future. The Board was urged to think it over carefully because by making this decision now, it would be making a decision for all of us. As our role models, protectors and decision makers, the Board should not leave us burdened with a mess that we have no power to oppose or to eliminate. As passionate students for this cause, we were very impressed with Callie Sullivan and David Bayne. They showed their concern for our future and the future of generations to come. The spirit and positivity they expressed gave hope to us.

Hannah Carmody

Katie Maccarone

Katie Stueber

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Marks chairing Republican slate

Two years ago, I was the manager for the Board of Selectmen campaign of Dave Campbell, Jerry Nielsen and Jayme Stevenson. Since they took office, residents have conveyed to me their appreciation for the positive tone and problem-

solving attitude that this team has brought to Town Hall.

I am grateful, too, and running their campaign for reelection is truly an honor for me. Along with Jayme, Dave and Jerry, I look forward to meeting and speaking with as many of you as possible this fall.

Susan Marks


Bayne is dedicated

to Darien

I have been a commuter to New York with David Bayne for 19 years, and I have always been impressed by his knowledge of and commitment to Darien. David joined the RTM in 2003 and since that time he has worked nonstop for the town in various positions from RTM District 3 chairman to working on the RTM Public Works Committee to serving on the Board of Selectman. And working for Darien is a Bayne family effort. David's wife Carolyn currently works with the RTM as chairman of District 3, the Planning Zoning and Housing Committee, as well as the Darien Environmental Group.As a lawyer, David has contributed special knowledge to town business including contracts, affordable housing, and litigation in regard to, for example, the Stefanoni lawsuits against Darien, which have gone on for years and will continue.

David Bayne has proven his love for Darien with countless hours of service over many years. He is there when we need him, and we need him more than ever now.

Joseph W. Hotchkiss Jr.


Shuffle would negatively impact neighbors

As a resident of Edgerton Street, I am opposed to the so-called "shuffle" and its implications for those of us who live in the neighborhood of the current senior center. For us, the shuffle is a bad deal. The sale of the property to private interests for development of residential housing would violate promises that town officials have made to residents of our neighborhood. It would significantly increase traffic flow in an area dense with children walking to and from school and activities on the school grounds.

The monotonous focus of the existing Board of Selectmen majority on the "shuffle" is completely out of touch with the needs and opinions of many Darien residents.

I will be voting for John Lundeen for first selectman, and David Bayne and Vickie Riccardo for selectmen on Nov. 8 because I am confident that they will be far more open, inclusive and responsive in coming to reasonable decisions regarding the resolution of the senior center issue.

Laura Mosher


To the Editor:

I am pleased add my voice in support of David Bayne's re-election to the Board of Selectmen on Nov. 8.

David is a non-partisan voice for effective town government. A hallmark of his current term is his willingness to put Darien first and politics second. For example, during the March 2010 ice storm, when so many Darien homes were without power due to downed trees, David stepped up as acting first selectman to coordinate restoration of power and road clearance, and to keep the town up-to-date on progress in those areas.

David's training and experience as an attorney (the only attorney on the Board of Selectmen) is an asset to the town. He is able to work closely with Darien's town counsel on such issues as town contracts, affordable housing and strategy in cases to which the Town is a party. As an attorney and a taxpayer myself, I am reassured that the Town has decision-makers like David who are trained and experienced to handle complex legal questions confronting our community.

As the only Board member who is a full-time commuter to New York City, David has been a strong advocate for Darien's commuters. In times of service cutbacks and fare increases, we commuters need an effective advocate in Town government.

David has been a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility and open, transparent, and responsive government. These are values that draw support across the board and without regard to party labels. Our town officials need to keep their focus on government, rather than politics. David has shown a unique ability to do just that, by advocating solutions to such issues as affordable housing and flooding that have gained unanimous support in the Board of Selectmen.

David Bayne has earned our support. Please support David and his running mates, John Lundeen and Vickie Riccardo on election day.

Michael Case


Lundeen is a team player

To the Editor:

I have known First Selectman candidate John Lundeen many years, and his ability to work with a wide range of personalities to get things done has always impressed me. Whether acting as president of the Friends of Gorham's Pond, as vice chairman of the Darien Chamber of Commerce, or simply as a fellow dad, he is always intelligent, thoughtful and a true gentleman. At a time when partisanship too often seeps into town decision-making, John Lundeen offers a different way of governing, respectful and genuinely interested in what you think.

John's teammates, David Bayne and Vickie Riccardo, offer complementary talents. David, an attorney with nine years in town government, firmly grasps the many legal issues affecting Darien. He is also the only commuter on the Board.

Vickie, as a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and a former member of the RTM, understands town government intimately, especially how land-use issues affect Darien, both today and in the future.

Together, they are a forward-looking team, committed to an open and inclusive government. I hope you will give them your support.

Tony Imbimbo


Re-elect Stevenson, Campbell and Nielsen

To the Editor:

Darien has been very fortunate these past two years to have had the outstanding leadership of Dave Campbell, Jayme Stevenson, and Jerry Nielsen as our selectmen -- and we now have the opportunity to continue benefiting from their breadth of experience and talents.

As promised in their first campaign, they have always put the interests of Darien at the forefront, looking to what is best for the town in every decision rather than playing politics. Their rational and capable approach to the complex problems we've faced over these past two years has demonstrated their deep commitment to Darien and all who live here.

I've worked with Jayme, Dave, and Jerry for more than 10 years, and support them wholeheartedly. We're lucky to have people of their character and intelligence serving our community.

Jenny Streeter