An open letter supporting the BOE budget

To the Board of Finance:

I am writing to you as the CDSP representative for Royle Elementary School and in that role, I support the proposed 2011-2012 budget for the Darien Public Schools. As a parent of a first-grader at Royle Elementary and a sixth-grader at Middlesex Middle School, who is also a product of the elementary school system, I have a lot to be proud with the Darien elementary school system. I am amazed at how much gets done with the amount of resources that are currently available.

This year there are no additional initiatives, new programs or additional head count being requested. The current percentage increase is merely to maintain the current standard of excellence. Any cuts to the proposed budget will negatively impact our students and will directly affect their daily classroom experiences. Examples of how these reductions will impact our children are as follows:

"¢ An increase in class sizes that are already considered to be some of the largest in the region (up to 22 to 24 kids as opposed to 17 to 19 in surrounding towns).

"¢ A reduction of teacher aide time that is already so precious and valuable for our students.

"¢ A decrease of student materials, textbooks and supplies -- many of which students have already gone without for the past two years.

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In response to your request to hear from us, I am writing to say that I support the Board of Education's proposed budget. I believe the budget request is justified based on the needs of the schools, and urge you to approve it.

Cindy Banks

CDSP Budget Representative

Royle Elementary School