RTC chairman’s letter was disappointing

To the Editor:

It was very disappointing to see the letter written by the Republican Town Committee chairman last week. As this editor has written in numerous editorials, we are a small town and all neighbors, in a town of 20,000, one can expect over 20,000 opinions, neither right nor wrong — with a right to be expressed. We have enough name calling and disparaging remarks on the national arena. No need for it locally.

A good, spirited debate on the issues is always invigorating. Getting personal and malicious is destructive.

With four weeks to go until the election, let’s remember we’re all neighbors and will see one another in our neighborhoods and around town.

Barbara Cox

The writer is a member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats

All residents should feel comfortable writing letters to the editor

To the Editor:

As a founding member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats (ANDD) I am writing this letter to encourage Darien residents regardless of party affiliation to write your letters to the editor and express your thoughts. It doesn’t matter to which political party you belong. Everyone has the right to express themselves without being called names and without being demeaned for their opinion or political affiliation, as was done by the Darien Republican Town Committee chairman again last week in this paper. Let’s debate the issues! Let’s write letters in support of our candidates! Letters to the editor have been a long-standing part of political participation, especially in our hometown. As a leader in this community of a political organization and as a former elected and appointed official, I understand that our democracy is built on the foundation of inclusion and participation.

Evonne Klein

Former Darien First Selectwoman (D)

Former Housing Commissioner for the State of CT

Founding member of the Action Network of Darien Democrats