Biden’s climate plan is forward thinking

To the Editor:

I’d like to bring attention to the forward-thinking climate plans proposed by Joe Biden.

With more wildfires raging in California and two hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico this week, it’s clear that we have already begun to experience the impacts of climate change. Without concrete steps forward, these sorts of events will become more of the norm.

Former Vice President Biden has committed to putting the country on a path to achieve net-zero emissions—economy-wide—by no later than 2050. He’s developed plans for making significant public investments in automobile infrastructure, such as 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, to create good jobs in industries that support vehicle electrification.

Furthermore, a main focus of Biden’s first term will be to increase federal procurement by $400 billion through purchasing clean energy inputs like batteries and electric vehicles. This plan will help position the U.S. as the world’s clean energy leader.

Chris Simpson


Biden and Harris are a power team

To the Editor:

This has been one of the worst years in our lifetimes. Thankfully, 2020 is an election year. [It is a year] where it is more important than ever to vote for what is right — for who is right. [It is a year] to vote for two people who can help bring us together no matter our race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or political background.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a power team who believe in science and will build a sustainable infrastructure and equitable clean energy future. They believe women are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as men. They vow to end systemic racism by bringing equity and justice to all Americans. They will bring our economy back from the trenches, because let’s face it, Democrats know how to bring back an economy.

Vote to save our United States of America. Vote Biden/Harris.

Stephanie Rodousakis