Zoning bill should

be discussed during regular session

The following letter was written to Sen. Carlo Leone. It is reprinted here at the author’s request.

To the Editor:

The Town of Darien has three mixed use real estate developments in progress that will comply with inclusionary housing. The town has complied with State housing statute 8-30g to the extent where the town has twice been exempted from developers’ exploitation of the statute. The sanctuary State of Connecticut has reduced state aid to the Town of Darien to where, other than special education, the town funds nearly all staffing, and operation of its schools. Where did the money go that Darien used to receive in state aid?

I am aware of the affordable housing agendas put forth by Desegregate Connecticut and DemocratSenators.ct.gov agenda to eliminate single family zoning, increase property taxes for select single family homes, eliminate single family zoning, “no strings attached” ownership, accessory dwelling in single family home zoning, two and four family housing units for up to 50 percent of land acquired within 1/2 mile radius of fixed transit stations and 1/4 mile of commercial centers, require 10 percent of all land in towns of 5,000+ residents be zoned to include 2-4 family housing units, reduce parking requirements for multi-unit housing, eliminate public hearings for multi-family housing, “modernize” traffic and sewer standards and formulate a legislative working group to draft model zoning regulations.

I oppose these measures as I consider them tantamount to the elimination of municipal self-governance and state takeover of Town Planning and Zoning and real estate taxation. The Town of Darien has a Plan of Conservation and Development.

Sen. Said Anwar introduced Bill LCO No. 3508 for the July special session and fortunately, it was not placed on the agenda. It is a usurpation of municipal self-government and the New England town meeting that is integral to the history of Connecticut and its form of government.

Unlike police reform legislation that was rushed through special session, this proposed legislation must be in regular session so as to allow for full testimony and input to representatives and senators before any vote towards this bill can be considered.

Rolf Obin


Desegregate CT bill outrages many

To the Editor:

Many Connecticut residents have been outraged by the proposed bill to restructure and redistribute our town in the name of “desegregation bill.” This is another attempt from Democrats to bring socialism into our country and our state. As suggested by former First Selectwoman Klein in the recent article, “McMansion,” lots must go. One can only wonder — what will they propose to confiscate next? Our boats? Summer cabins? Pools?

America has been the land of opportunity since it was formed. America is the land of capitalism where people are allowed to grow wealth. America does not criminalize prosperity earned by hard work and entrepreneurship. America does not dictate how big or small your house must be. Unfortunately, the Democrats are choosing the wrong path — the path of equalization and redistribution, the path of demonizing success. This has failed miserably in U.S.S.R. and Venezuela.

Yes, there are many beautiful houses and lawns in Darien and other towns. I do not live in one and likely never will. But let us remember that people living in these “McMansions” are also paying their fair share of taxes and contribute to support many less-wealthy residents in our state. They are inventors, investors and entrepreneurs who help support jobs. To all the masterminds of this so-called “Desegregate Bill” — yes, let’s promote cultural education and fight racism where true racism exists — but please stop attacking our towns and our suburbs.

Amy Wishenski