Letter to the editor: Pass Ethan’s Law to protect children

I just heard on the news that the parents of the 6-year-old boy from Virginia who shot a teacher made a statement regarding their son. They say he suffers from mental health issues and one of the parents accompanied their son to school every day. The day of the accident neither of them were able to bring him to school. They stated they were very sorry the accident occurred.

As I heard this, my question was, why was a loaded gun left out where a 6-year-old could grab it and bring it to school? How could a 6-year-old child with mental health problems be able to grab a gun from his parents’ house and bring it into his school without being detected and shoot a teacher?

Ethan’s Law, if passed at the national level, would make it illegal to leave a gun in a house unprotected or improperly stored with children below 18. This law will be very tough to enforce, given the number of homes which have guns, but Ethan’s Law would hold people liable if they did not properly store their guns. Too many people are dying by a gun, which is most often related to the gun owner.

Michael J. Wrang