Letter to the Editor: Time to end Grove Street Plaza art event

Time to end Grove Street Plaza art event

I’d like to thank the community for supporting the annual outdoor art event at Grove Street Plaza for the past six years. We had another successful event this fall, but I decided to end this beloved event.

I started this art event to bring back art to Darien. We used to have many wonderful art shows and fundraising events such as the annual Post 53 art show and the Darien Arts Center’s Darien Art Show, and we used to see many artworks by local artists in Darien Times all year round.

Darien was very rich in art but they disappeared after the financial crisis, and Darien became an art desert.

I came up with an idea of turning the lovely Grove Street Plaza into an outdoor art gallery in 2015. It became a Darien fall tradition for art lovers and I’m very happy with the result, but organizing an art event as an individual artist required a lot of volunteer hours and patience, and it was necessary to be strong physically and mentally. I think it’s time for me to go back to my own studio.

I appreciate everyone who has visited the event over the years. It was so rewarding to see everyone’s smiles.

Additionally, the success of the event wouldn’t have been possible without help from local media, especially The Darien Times and Darienite. Chamber music by local young musicians CMI and their teacher Akiko Silver gave the event a very special character. I appreciate their passion. And I’d love to express my sincere thank you to Penny Glassmeyer, David Genovese from Baywater Properties and DR bank who believed in me and supported this event since the first year.

And lastly, I’d like to offer a very special thank you to Mother Nature who made sure the day of the event was a gorgeous sunny day for all six years.

Nobu Miki, Darien