Letter to the Editor: Speaking up against reckless clearcutting

Speaking up against reckless clearcutting

Have you heard about Eversource’s destructive plans for our town? Deforesting 3.5 miles in our town, before attacking 18-miles across Fairfield County. There are thousands of trees that Eversource wants to remove along 0.5 mile stretch of Littlebrook Road (abutting Sellecks / Dunlap nature preserves). Imagine how many trees over 18 miles.

The trees along Silver Lakes Drive, Great Hill Road, and Harriet Lane do not need to be marked because they are on the C-DOT easement along the tracks. They can disappear one day; just like that, your neighborhood is exposed to train tracks.

Residents are not objecting to reasonable tree removals or pruning to protect the grid. We are speaking up against the reckless clearcutting of our wildlife habitats and deforesting out neighborhoods, without consideration or solutions for the carnage left behind.

This work started as 60 marked trees along Little Brook Road and has become thousands as we ask questions and their destructive plans are revealed.

Eversource refuses to do an environmental impact study. They claim they aren’t liable for any safety risks they create, nor environmental harm or flooding they cause. They have admittedly not studied how the area will be affected besides a “brief” discussion but can’t produce notes or solutions.

Eversource has “generously” offered a (laughable) replanting plan that proposes to replace 1,000 trees, many of them mature, with less than 100 bushes and shrubs. They claim a few immature shrubs will offset the deforestation of mature trees and destruction of wildlife habitats.

Eversource and our town are refusing to produce a tree count, and Eversource wants to remove the trees before creating a replanting plan. Both are rushing a public hearing to determine our fate without giving residents information they need to be prepared. The damage caused will be irreversible.

Speak for this beautiful town! Call Ed and object: 203-656-7346 / EGentile@darienct.gov

Please attend the virtual (Zoom) public hearing on 9/21 to hear it for yourself. This is not just about Littlebrook Road — we need to demand policy change on behalf of the rest of our town and Fairfield County.

Allie Costanzo, Darien