Letter to the Editor: Keep outside experts out of Darien schools

I am sorry to read that the Board of Education is considering allowing the administration to hire Calif.-based diversity consultant, Ken Shelton. This is definitely not in the best interests of this town. His posting “Grading is Capitalist, Racist and Exploitative” should be reason alone to nix this outright despite school officials’ assurances that Darien’s grading systems will not be affected.

Whether or not that is true, it is a huge tell to the man’s thinking process. The parents that are claiming the end goals are “Marxist” are absolutely correct. He and his fellow careerists aren’t about common sense solutions but following a line of reasoning that will take us down a path of no return.

Political correctness is the least of it. All of a sudden there will be all kinds of meddling by outside interests inserting themselves in our schools. This is a huge camel’s-nose-in-the-tent moment, and will make relatively small problems major ones.

People, wake up. Schools are for educating, period. Unfairness exists to be sure. This is where parents need to step up and assert their parental rights as advocates and not let them be usurped by those with an agenda (Marxism) that seeks to undermine the family as the prime unit of society — all in the guise of promoting well-being, of course.

Tell the administration to stop seeing interpersonal relations as a clash of “isms” but something that can be solved with respect at the local level without involving “experts” with misconceptions of what is best for our town and society in general.

Chet Saur, Darien