Letter to the Editor: Keep Hartford out of Darien

Keep Hartford out of Darien

Our town has an important election coming up, one that could conceivably change the town forever if the wrong party gets elected. Of course, the “wrong party” is in the eye of the beholder. But, in fact, the choices are clearer than ever. One party wants the government to dominate your life. That party wants to tax you more, taking more of your hard-earned money. That party wants to mandate your health choices. That party embraces identity politics where the way you look is more important than your ambition or abilities. One party wants Hartford to control local school choice, wants to take away our town’s direct influence. One party wants to control local zoning laws, to allow apartment buildings to spring up in single family neighborhoods. That party, the Democratic Party, wants to dominate your life and diminish your civil liberties

This upcoming vote is not about Washington, D.C., though the ineptness of the current administration is visible to all. This election is about us, at the grassroots level. Do you want a regional school district or to keep local control over our excellent schools? Do you want an apartment building to rise next door to your house? Do you want to have the government reach deeper into your pocket? Or do you want to be empowered to succeed on your own, not wither under the false promise of entitlements? Do you want to have the opportunity to reach your potential or be a sheep, herded by the politicians in Hartford?

This is the election where one needs to vote Republican throughout the ballot. Keep Hartford out of Darien. Do not ship our future to the power crazed politicians in the state Capitol. Keep control of our destiny, keep control of our finances, keep control of our neighborhoods. Vote Republican on Nov. 2.

Tom Joyce, Darien