Letter to the Editor: Jayme Stevenson’s stellar track record

Connecticut needs a winner and we’ve got one in Jayme Stevenson.

Jayme Stevenson’s stellar track record should leave no doubt as to how she will perform on Capitol Hill. The next generation of policymakers will need to be strong leaders, who espouse what is best for Connecticut and the country and who are willing to fight until they win. Lucky for us, Connecticut has a winner — Jayme Stevenson.

During her 10 years as first selectman, Jayme’s team led the town’s effort to partner with private investors to break ground on three major housing, shopping, dining and entertainment projects, and directed town services and government during the COVID-19 pandemic. And she accomplished all this while maintaining one of the state’s lowest mill rates, and supporting one of the premier public school systems in the country. Jayme made Darien a better place to live.

I’ve personally seen this as Jayme supported efforts in securing a safer way for walking students to get to school. Jayme took the time to do the school walk with me at 7 a.m. from my home on a windy and rainy morning so she could see the situation for herself. Jayme has a record of getting in the trenches to understand the issues we face.

Jayme will bring her common sense, pragmatic leadership to Washington as your next congresswoman.

Please join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson for Congress on Aug. 9 in the Republican primary.

Kelly Scallon, Darien