Letter to the Editor: How can the board oversee every curriculum item?

How can the board oversee every curriculum item?

I was disappointed to see so many parents upset with the use of a Pew survey to teach civics in an 11th grade class. Both of my kids took this class and the survey when they were at DHS. I also took the survey. I’m not sure what the objection to the survey is actually about (some people talked about fascism, critical race theory and other irrelevant gobbledygook in public comments that I heard.) Now we have a curriculum committee for the Board of Education. Will that change the use of the Pew survey in the future? Should it? We have talented teachers and administrators, including department chairs and curriculum specialists. They must be doing something right or Darien would not consistently rank so highly in surveys of schools. Parents always have the right to home school their children — one sure way to let them have a custom curriculum, but I don't know how a school district is supposed to incorporate the views of thousands of individual parent’s views on what specific item is used in (or not used in) a particular class. I’m not sure how a board committee, or the entire board, can attempt that either. I guess we’ll find out.

Ed Washecka

RTM District 3, Education Committee