Letter to the Editor: Hard to say goodbye to Darien’s Sugar Bowl

Darien is a town full of charm, history, shopping and memorable people. One of the most memorable is Bobby Mazza from the Sugar Bowl, which sadly has now changed hands as Bobby is retiring.

While I do wish all the best to the new owners, who also own The Butcher Shop, it is hard to say goodbye to the Bowl. I remember going there as a teenager for vanilla cokes and burgers after school, ice cream sodas during the summer, dancing to the jukebox and hanging with friends. As I grew, I took my children there for lunch, then my grandchildren for breakfast and/or lunch, and now a Friday morning breakfast ritual with long-time Darien residents and friends as a way to kick off weekends!

The Sugar Bowl will always be about Bobby and his “crew.” Always friendly, always helpful, a joy to be around while we enjoyed blueberry pancakes or omelets for breakfast and their renowned morning glory muffins served hot in little paper cups. And for lunch - burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, whatever you want in a casual people-friendly atmosphere. Yes, we will all miss Bobby, his fabulous holiday decorations, and his personal mark on the town through the Sugar Bowl, a 50-plus-year legacy now ending.

What will the new restaurant look like as “The Club?” We have to wait and see but the plans are very ambitious - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and - something new - late night treats for night owls! Open 7 days a week 365 days a year - very ambitious, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings to 1033 Post Road, Darien.

Nanci Natale, Darien