Letter to the Editor: Employees, volunteers stepped up for Darien COVID test handout

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say we are all weary of the coronavirus and its variants. So many people and organizations have been working so hard, for so long, to help protect us and care for those in need. Everyone, understandably, must be tired.

Still, it was no surprise to me to witness so many town employees and volunteers step up to distribute thousands of COVID test kits and masks to residents at the high school over the past couple of weeks. The test kits and masks were graciously distributed to Darien by the state. Town officials then quickly coordinated an extremely efficient process to get the items into the hands of anxious residents who streamed through the high school parking lots in their cars. It was gratifying to hear the appreciation from residents as they drove through the lines.

We are grateful for the many vaccinators and volunteers who staffed multiple adult, pediatric and booster clinics over the last year. Thousands of shots were administered. Their efforts helped protect students, faculty, staff, relatives and the entire community.

I extend my appreciation to all volunteers who helped in the efforts, including numerous town and Board of Education employees, including those in the Office of the Selectmen, officers in the Police Department, members of the Boards of Selectmen and Education, and other town officials. We have many dedicated people working and volunteering to make Darien a safe and wonderful place to live. Please join me in thanking them whenever you have contact with them.

Monica McNally, Darien first selectman