Letter to the Editor: Darien can do better

Darien can do better

Thank you, Darien Democratic Town Committee,

For teaching us how to unfairly ruin someone’s reputation by taking a snapshot of him with his thumb and index finger touching; For teaching us when you can cruelly imply that your political opponent is a white supremacist/racist, that you should seize that opportunity for political gain; For teaching us that it is okay to tear down a skilled and dedicated town worker who has done nothing wrong (and indeed has contributed much to our school system) just for political sport; For teaching us that running on false ad hominem attacks is more effective than running on issues in local politics; For teaching us that anonymous insinuations trump facts when you are behind a computer screen; For teaching our kids how to hate and bully on social media with a total lack of respect for others’ livelihoods.

On second thought, NO thank you, Darien Democratic Town Committee. Please take your “teachings” somewhere else, because Darien can do better.

Ann-Gail Hult, Secretary of Darien RTC