Letter to the Editor: Darien Democrats and ‘local control’

Democrats and local control

Darien Democrats’ attempts to run as Republicans in this election are both flattering and disgraceful.

They know Hartford controlling our schools and our town development is not a winning formula, so they try to change their colors like leaves in the fall.

Remember the Zoom calls that local Democrats held this spring to scold us about how our town’s zoning must be controlled by Hartford to erase our ingrained inequality and racism? Really? Now, they talk about “local control”?

Their latest pivot is a stunning example. Recently, many families with children in the Darien school system became rightfully upset over offensive and divisive teaching materials and tactics being used in the classroom. These parents had every right to question the vetting process, content and context of the curriculum. The public outcry signaled to the Democrat candidate for first selectman (and former BOE Chairman) to shift positions — and swiftly.

Suddenly, a transparent review of school curriculum — and creation of a long sought after curriculum committee within the Board of Ed — “might now be the right choice,” after her years of rejection as chair.

She didn't help provide transparency when she had the top job of overseeing the administration. So, why pivot now?

Actions that address real-time problems will always speak volumes more than words and platitudes when reacting to an uproar in an election cycle.

These pretenders talk about how much they care for Darien while at the same time try to have it absorbed into a larger political plan.

“Local control” to the Darien Democrat team really means “sitting at the table” and smiling while Hartford takes it away from us.

I urge readers to vote for McNally, Zagrodzky and Minnick, they are genuine and consistent with their platform to maintain Darien’s autonomy and local decision making.

Chris Taylor, Darien RTC vice chairman