Letter to the Editor: A vote for McNally, Minnick and Zagrodzky is a vote for Darien

A vote for McNally, Minnick and Zagrodzky is a vote for Darien

A vote for Monica McNally, Marcy Minnick and Jon Zagrodzky is a vote for Darien. We moved here for two primary reasons; low taxes and exceptional schools. Like some, we chose Darien even before we had kids because we knew our property value would retain or increase its value based on these attractive qualities.

As our family has grown, so has our appreciation for Darien and all it has to offer, and we’d like to keep it the quaint, fiscally responsible town that we love. I’m endorsing Monica because of her involvement and dedication to Darien which proves that she will be an excellent First Selectman. Jon's experience as chair of the Board of Finance helps assure that our town will remain fiscally sound and responsible. Marcy is a working mom, small business owner, and a person who listens to everyone. All three of these individuals will bring their vast knowledge of business, coupled with their commitment and devotion to the well being of the town, people and kids of Darien.

I will be voting for these three individuals because I know they will keep this town as great as it was when we moved here 11 years ago. I want leaders that love this town as much as we do, so I encourage you all to vote for Monica, Marcy and Jon on Nov. 2.

Alicia Mehlberg, Darien