Supporting Terrie Wood for re-election

To the Editor:

I want to share my support for and experiences with State Rep. Terrie Wood. She serves us in a deeply caring, honest, and empathetic manner, while holding a deep grasp of the issues, balancing differing opinions, and honestly listening to input from her constituency.

I first met Terrie over two years ago. I expressed concern about several upcoming bills. They weren’t related to Terrie’s core agenda, but she went out of her way to understand the issues. While we didn’t always agree, she clearly cared for everyone in the state and crafted policy regardless of politics.

Since that time, I’ve attended many of Terrie’s meetups and run into her in town. Deep caring, proactivity, ability to listen, and policy understanding are hallmarks of her character. She truly wants to help residents without pushing her own agenda, while being grounded in fiscal responsibility, pro-growth policies, and broad inclusivity we desperately need.

Ian and Jessica Cadieu