Letter: Why are marches and protests allowed but the Memorial Day parade wasn't?

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

I would like to start off with saying that I completely agree with William F. Klein’s letter.

Why are protests marches allowed but we couldn’t have a full parade honoring our fallen veterans on Memorial Day? It was because of the virus. We were told stay home, stay safe. But now it’s perfectly okay to march down the street side by side.

The virus all but forgotten now —except for the small business that are still not allowed to open. Forget the slow reopening of businesses — they need to open today, tomorrow, not next week. If you are allowed to march in a protest then you should be allowed to march into any place of business that you like.

Sharon Hanks Bixler


The writer is the wife of this year’s Memorial Day Grand Marshal Allan Bixler.