To the Editor:

At almost every public meeting, the Pear Tree Point Beach development committee has been told by me and others that one of the many reasons the site is inappropriate for their commercial development is that it regularly floods. We asked for a flooding study and were told the occurrence was rare and due to a faulty valve in the parking lot drain. We provided documentation in the form of photographs, and were told we were alarmists and that our input was not relevant.

At the Feb. 12 meeting, the architect finally admitted flooding is a major issue that is likely to get worse. His remedy? Raise the entire parking lot by two feet. Incremental cost? No estimate.

There are more issues that will need to be confronted that have been resolutely ignored. Despite requests from residents, there has been no traffic study. The whole point of the commercialization is to increase usage — and traffic. Pear Tree Point Rd is notoriously narrow, and floods just like the park does. Will they elevate the road? Widen it?

Late-night lighting will be required to keep the building open to the 10 p.m. closing time they are proposing. Most town parks close at sunset. But this is a commercial building with restaurant facilities. It will need extensive lighting.

There has been zero information about handling of the restaurant garbage and used frying oil. No one has seen a rendition that includes the ground-level dumpsters and holding tank (in the flood zone).

When the developers come to realize these critical constraints, the costs will go up. It’s already over $2.5 million for 800 square feet of usable space.

When will common sense prevail? When will the town realize that spending millions of dollars to develop a quaint park into a commercial enterprise in a flood zone makes no sense?

H. P. Boyle