To The Editor:

Raising kids in today’s world is complicated. As parents, every day we encounter new information about how we “should” be doing things. Are our kids getting too much screen time? Are we helicopter parents, preventing our kids from developing resilience?

As our kids enter their teenage years, these questions become more complicated and the risks are higher. Our children are growing up in a highly competitive environment, where success and achievement are valued over integrity and empathy. The pressure to be perfect puts an enormous burden on their shoulders. And, we, as parents, have to help them navigate these murky waters with the best information we can.

Inevitably, every family has to decide how they will handle underage drinking. Should you “teach” your child to drink before they go away from college? Should you host the parties at your house so you know the kids are safe? Let’s face it, you feel like “everyone is doing it”.

Just so you know, there IS data to help you make your own decisions about your family’s rules and advice about how to talk to your teen about drinking. On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Rob Turrisi, Ph.D, from the Prevention Research Center at The Pennsylvania State University, will speak at the Darien Library at 7 p.m. Dr. Turrisi is a preeminent expert on binge drinking on college campuses and will provide insight into the risks our teens face and provide guidance on how you can help them navigate those risks in a healthy way.

James Palmieri and Shelly Skoglund


Thriving Youth Task Force