Letter: Visit to downtown Darien shows many ignoring social distancing, mask mandates

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Send letters to the editor to: Editor@DarienTimes.com

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To the Editor:

Last Saturday, when I went to downtown Darien for the first time in 6 weeks, I was most dismayed to see so many in our community ignoring the mandated rules designed to lessen spread of coronavirus. On this sunny day the sidewalks were filled with people, very few of whom were wearing face masks. Furthermore, It was practically impossible to stay six feet from others and many young people were congregating in groups.

It seemed all were oblivious to the facts; so to review a few:

1. As of Sunday, Fairfield County had a higher rate of new deaths than any metro area in the country besides New York City.

2. Darien is in Fairfield County, the epi center for the virus in Connecticut. Fairfield county had nearly 10,400 cases by Monday, half of our state’s cases.

It is currently mandated in Connecticut to wear masks and make an effort to keep six feet from others. These mandates are designed to prevent you from spreading the virus, when you may not know you have it. Think of innocent people and health care workers, who could become sick and die because of you.

We need to cooperate as a community. Everyone must keep a safe distance from others wherever you are. Wear masks, and remind each other to do so. I would hope businesses would not allow anyone into their store without one. Parents, do not permit your children or teens to play or congregate with others. Perhaps our Police can remind me people about safe distancing in busy areas.

We all must behave responsibly.

Sheila Sherwood

RTM, Fifth District